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Driver’s Remorse

May 29, 2008

I am on my way to work today, peacefully resting at a red light when I turn down my radio because I think I hear something odd.  I was correct, I look to my left and there is a woman who has gotten out of her car and is yelling at the man behind her, ending her dramatic presentation with a klassy middle finger.  Much to my surprise she walked back to her new Mountaineer, rather than the beat up minivan with only one side mirror that I was expecting.  Upon closer inspection I saw that her two children were in the back seat.  Lovely.  Just lovely. 

First of all, let’s not get out of the car in the middle of rush hour traffic, it just can’t be a good safety lesson for the little ones.  Second of all, what better way to teach your children about handling stress and conflict than to reinforce the liberal use of the middle finger and multiple expletives.  As my grandmother would say, “SHAME on you!”  Shame on you for being a bad example to your children, shame on you for putting them in harm’s way just so that you could say your peace and SHAME ON YOU for being dumb enough assume that whoever was in the vehicle behind you WASN’T insane and wouldn’t gun you down at the intersection of Midway and Park.

I shook my head from left to right with visible disapproval, but what was I to do?  I said a tiny prayer that the woman would realize her bad behavior and give her children a verbal apology and explanation as to why it is NEVER ok to behave that way.

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  1. heatherwlu permalink
    June 2, 2008 3:15 am

    Oops, that was me… sorry, I’ve been trying to control my road rage issues. And those weren’t kids in the backseat- it was a pug and a cat.

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