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Close Your Eyes Emily

June 6, 2008

(The lovely Emily circa old)

Emily Post probably couldn’t imagine a world like we have today, and wouldn’t want to.  Having passed away in 1960 I am sure she saw the slight decline of manners and general couth but 2008 is pretty bold with disregard.  When my grandmother, my father’s mother that I wrote about a few days ago, gifted me with an Emily Post manners book years ago I was less than thrilled.  I guess the thought of reading about forks and thank you cards was less than riveting to my 10 year old self.  But now I see the value and quite frankly I think my generation and even the one before could use a nice little refresher course in basic manners.

Specifically I have noticed a rapid decline in basic door etiquette.  While I value manners I am not so old fashioned as to think that only men can hold doors.  I believe that each one of us, male, female or “other” should be kind enough to hold a door.  I know that we are all very busy and it’s hard to focus when you have 2 ear pieces in and you are organizing carpool, a board meeting and finding world peace but there are always 10 seconds in a day to hold a door for a fellow member of society.  And that’s another thing please don’t get me started on those stupid ear pieces.  First of all it makes you look crazy, talking to yourself in the grocery store and what not.  Second of all if you read the news they could VERY WELL cause certain types of cancer, and do we really need yet another cause of cancer, I think not.  Everything causes cancer these days, and if they come out with a report claiming that Haribo gummy bears cause colon cancer someone please just put me out of my misery because it will not be pretty. And THIRD of all it is so incredibly rude when you are standing there face-to-face with someone (the old fashioned way) and they take an incoming call on their ear piece without even telling you.  So you are carrying on and they start a whole new A & B conversation and expect you to C your way out of it.  Lastly, if you think that wearing an ear piece automatically makes you look like a high priced attorney or something you couldn’t be more wrong.  I have seen homeless people at the corner of Alpha and the Tollway pause their begging to take a call.

Back to door etiquette.  I realize that there are always those awkward times when the person behind you is a little too far behind to hold the door so you either fish or cut bait.  If you decide to hold it they may end up doing a “mini” run so that they in turn aren’t inconveniencing you, then you both laugh a little and move on.  But that’s OK because at least it encourages human interaction; which is better than this morning when the woman 4 steps in front of me chose NOT to hold either of the 2 doors in our path.  She mine as well have called be a nasty b*snatch and given me the finger.

Since I feel so strongly about this issue I always make and conscious effort to hold the door.  And when I do I sort of expect, you know, a THANK YOU.  But apparently that is too much work for the general population so instead I have to passive aggressively mutter “you’re welcome” hoping that they catch on and change their behavior the next time.

The moral of this tirade is: be kind to others, take that stupid ear piece out when you aren’t in your car alone and for goodness sakes don’t be afraid to interact with real people in the real world!


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  1. Beth permalink
    June 6, 2008 6:00 pm

    I’m so laughing at this because as I was on my way in the door this morning, late as usual, and I had a guy half open the door. WTF?? I mean come on he held it for like 2 seconds and then when I got close to the door he let go and it closed on my arm. Manners people! You should teach etiquette class:)

  2. Tom permalink
    June 7, 2008 1:46 am

    Ok, so when did you decide to write the earpeace thing? I know, this afternoon in the car when you thought I was talking to you, and I was really talking to “the one whom I obey”!

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