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Don’t Be Mean, Go Green

June 9, 2008

If you have a pulse you are probably aware that it’s more important now than ever to do what you can to save the earth, the whales and a rare monkey in Egypt.  It might be best to start small, like with the earth.  There is some debate between the conservatives and the liberals about whether or not global warming is a real threat or not.  Despite recent commercials featuring popular republicans and democrats calling off the eternal battle to join forces to stop global warming there is still this odd resistance from conservatives.  As if recycling a water bottle were the proverbial white flag to all things democratic. 

The truth is whether global warming is going to affect us in the next 10 years or not is it not our Christian duty to take care of the earth that God has given us?  How could being conservative with energy, water, gas, or plastics be wrong?  I think more than anything God wants us to be conscious that what we do has consequences.  Choosing to drive a Hummer across 5 states while drinking 6 water bottles a day and flicking cigarette butts on the highway can’t be good and it certainly isn’t very responsible.  The truth is those bottles have to go somewhere since they can’t be used for anything else, so where do they go?  And if it’s bad to freeze and refill them because they have toxins that can harm the human body then how can they be doing good things sitting underneath us for 500 years? I’m just saying. 

It shouldn’t be a battle between the Christians and the agnostics or the Republicans and the Democrats.  It’s about doing what’s right.

As previously mentioned I may do some shopping every now and again, such as right now and then again later.  In an effort to do my part I have been forgoing shopping bags when they aren’t necessary.  If I already have a bag from another store that can fit my next purchase in it then please, The Gap, save your bag for the next person and that’s one less piece of plastic in the ground.  When I ran into Target to stock up on Jelly Bellies I told them to save the bag, I didn’t need it, what with one item and all (and a purse the size of Lubbock to cram them in).

So I challenge you shoppers: SAVE A BAG & SAVE THE PLANET!  Even if you don’t carry around one of those cotton cream colored recycled bags everywhere you can still take small steps.  No need to turn in your Jimmy Choos for Birkenstocks, just say NO to another plastic bag.  Continue to shower regularly and wear makeup, just pass on the bag man.  If every person on earth turned down just one bag a week think how many that would be (a lot, for all you mathletes).  

P.S. A special thanks to Uncle Tom for his refreshing perspective on going green while remaining a Christian Republican.



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