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What a Weekend!

June 9, 2008

This weekend was a total blast!  Friday night Chad and I caught a movie, some artificial rays (in the name of Jon and Beth’s wedding) and I even had time to dash into Target for my favorite Jelly Belly beans (sour cherry and watermelon)….don’t tell Cinemark that I smuggled in outside food, I feel ok about it since we got 2 drinks and popcorn.  Ironman was really enjoyable, Robert D. does an amazing job and Jeff Bridges was the perfect evil doer.  Gwyneth P. was sort of boring and forgettable but it’s not her fault, she’s English now.

Saturday I may or may not have had my blonde hair enhanced, but that is in no way an omission that my golden locks are not 100% natural.  Then we headed off to Jon and Beth’s wedding.

It was beautiful and the reception was 1st class.  Champagne, crackers, cheese, fruit and served h’orderves with tiny shrimp and cream cheese (what was that about a diet, I am sorry I can’t hear you over my chewing?).  Dinner was spinach salad, steak, blue cheese, asparagus, and this yummy rice mixture.  Again, my dress seemed to fit when I got ready but it’s now oddly tight and constricting – perhaps it’s the filet poking out from underneath my rib.  It could also have been from the ½ a bottle of wine I consumed…nahhh.

(The Ladies)

The Happy Couple

                     (The Happy Couple)

The dancing commenced with some country, Chad and I can totally 2 step it’s just that the second step is usually on my toes.  Everyone joined in the celebration, I think I even saw some Baptists on the dance floor.  Chad and Tawna had their usual dance off while my wine and I looked on.  All in all it was a wonderful night filled with friends, good food and great times.

Sunday Chad and I dragged our butts out of bed at 12:00 and headed to Stonebriar mall for his yearly shopping expedition, this time fueled not by Fantasy Football money but rather poker winnings.  But you didn’t hear that from me.  We recharged at CPK where I promptly consumed 4 diet Pepsis and yet I didn’t need a bathroom break for 4 hours (perhaps it was the dehydrating effect of the wine, nahhh).

(Gigi, Kat & Tawna)

Chad made some major scores at Nordstrom, Oakley, Express and even Abercrombie.  Although we both cringed upon walking through the Abercrombie doors since we knew would have to yell at one another to hear above the blasting music.  We also fully expected to be on our own in terms of finding sizes and getting a dressing room since the 12 year olds that work there were busy folding tiny tank tops, twirling their hair and smacking their gum.  Tweens be darned Chad found himself some cargo shorts!

I myself did quite well, despite my total lack of NEED for new clothes or shoes one can always find something at Nordstrom….uh oh, I feel a poem coming on.

Ode to Nordstrom

Nordstrom oh Nordstrom you are so grand,

I always find goodies even when not planned,

I drool over designer jeans,

But usually find myself with the teens,

The junior’s department is where it’s at,

Even though the sizes make me feel fat,

Your return policy is the best,

It makes me feel safe during each of my quests,

Your sales clerks are not snotty,

I like how you strategically locate your potty,

Nordstrom oh Nordstrom you are my 2nd home,

And in your glorious halls is where I love to roam.


We finished the weekend with a Blockbuster night – Cassandra’s Way with Colin Farrell.  It was just OK but to its defense we did pause it 6.5 times to do various things like let the dog out, change out the laundry and of course potty breaks.  So maybe it wasn’t totally Colin’s fault.

This morning came early and I am running off of coffee and Jelly Bellies.

(Tawna is working on her shyness problem)

                      (It’s Chad – WORD)

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