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Indiana What?

June 14, 2008

Oh dear, what a disappointment last night was.  We went to watch Indiana Jones with my sister, well, she went along with us mostly for the popcorn but whatever.  It started out ok, the middle was alright, but the end, the end was so ridiculously silly that poor Chad looked so sad.  Almost the way he looked walking IN to Maid of Honor (almost).  I won’t “ruin” it for anyone who has not seen it yet but, um, I don’t recommend it like I do Iron Man. 


On the upside Harrison Ford still looks young, to me anyway but his perpetual love interest (although not bad at all) looks old in comparison to him.  She probably hasn’t had as much work done as Mr. Ford.  Or maybe it’s Calista that keeps him young looking.  Anyhow, it received an overall rating of 7.2 from us, purely for nostalgia purposes.






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  1. June 14, 2008 9:47 pm

    Dang, sorry it wasn’t what you hoped it would be.

  2. Cindy permalink
    June 15, 2008 10:40 am

    Has Calista gotten a boob job yet? It’s time if she hasn’t!

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