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Spammers Schmammers

June 20, 2008

This is a message to all of you spammers out there.  This would specifically apply to Yahoo spammers and MySpace spammers. 

If you send me a friend request and I don’t know you I usually go to your site first to check it out, before approving.  If the first thing I see is a blog titled, “Peek a Boob” the chances are I am NOT approving your request.  Also, if your name is “Naughty Schoolgirl” you will be denied.  I am not sure why you think that I am interested in your scandalous weekend activities or that you can put your leg behind your head while making cupcakes but just let it be known – THAT I AM NOT INTERESTED.  And do you think that if I were interested in pornographic photos of you and your friends that I would just sit around and wait to get a friend request?  How lazy would that be. If I wanted to stare at your naughty bits or anyone else’s I would at least have the gumption to go out and search for them.  It’s not like you have to be a super sleuth these days to find porn on the Internet…just type in “corn” or “different types of beavers” and you get all sorts of links.


And I really shouldn’t have to tell you Yahoo spammers that I am probably not going to be giving you my bank routing number and social security number any time soon.  Although I realize North Texas is not an ivy league school you do have to be able to read, write and solve common word problems to get in.  Hmmm, me, plus my financial information, plus a stranger in Nigeria = BAD NEWS.  Does anyone really fall for that?  If so it’s probably the people with $20 in their account anyway. 

Also, I will not be looking into any job positions where I can work from my home, part time, and make 1 million dollars a year.  Something tells me that it’s just not possible unless you invented Apple computers or something (and that’s already been done so I missed my chance).


I close in saying that there may have been a time when I would have appreciated notifications about singles in my area but that time has passed.  And ya know, even when I was single I would not have responded to some random unsolicited e-mail to find a date.  I preferred the old fashioned way – at a bar.


P.S. For everyone trying to cash in on your “free Target” or “Walmart” gift cards let it be a warning to you that neither stores accept copies of the e-mails as payment…and they may usher you out of the store if you insist……they may even ban you from the premises if you cause a fuss.






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  1. Sandy Lemons permalink
    June 20, 2008 8:57 pm

    So are we talking from personal experience about the Target and Walmart gift cards? HA

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