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LONG Weekend (get ready)

July 7, 2008

It was a long and wild weekend, well, wild for us means staying out past 11:00 multiple nights in a row.  And we did!

Thursday morning I took the day off and met Eric in the parking lot of Target at 7:00 AM.  This may sound sketchy at first but I promise it was on the up and up – I was picking up Sophia for a day of hitting the bottle, burping and diaper changes…and that was just me (oh wait, maybe not the last one).

Chewy was none too pleased to have a tiny competitor in the house.  He followed me around from room to room and acted like his butt was on fire, hopping from couch to ottoman, back to the floor and all over again; yeah, even if we wanted to I am not sure Chewy would allow us to have children.

That night we all headed to Addison for Kaboom Town.  And much to our delight the traffic was minimal, as was the crowd, there was no entrance fee, plenty of porta potties (yuck, but they will do in a pinch, haha, potty jokes), and best of all there was lots of meat on a stick for everyone to enjoy (turkey legs and corny dogs).  After the sun went down it was even, gasp, coolish, or at least it wasn’t muggy and miserable.  The fireworks were very cool this year, and I am sure they weren’t at all enhanced by the vodka, Crystal Light and Pomegranate juice mix I was sipping on.  The fireworks ended and Sophia was out like a light so the Burbidges went home.


(Sophia, showing the rest of us how to REALLY hit the bottle.)

The rest of us crazy kids were craving a bit more than meat on a stick so we trucked it to a Bennigans.  We all ordered grilled chicken salad with dressing on the side and a mineral water.  Oh wait, no, that must have been another time.  I think it was more like cheeseburgers, the fried platter, death by chocolate, the Monte Cristo, potato soup, French fries and, well, you get the picture.  The service, was, um, well, err, uhh, HORRIBLE.  Our waiter should have mentioned that there was only one cook, perhaps it would have created a sympathy factor but after waiting for 20 minutes for water I kind of don’t think 15 cooks would have made a difference.  The night ended with Tawna smuggling the remainder of her Monte Cristo in a napkin, yeah, it was that good or she was that tipsy, one or the other!

Friday was more low key.  Beth and I hijacked Jessica’s pool, as in we went to her apartment pool without her!  Although we called and tried, she was busy, but we couldn’t be stopped we needed sun and we needed right then.  That night Chad and I met Jon, Tawna, Beth and Matt at Houston’s for a little birthday dinner.  I love Houstons, my Aunt and I are obsessed with their salmon.  So, of course, that’s what I ordered only I didn’t see it on the menu but the waiter said that they had Atlantic Slamon.  Ok, sure, whatever, I hear it’s better for you anyway, grill her up Mr. Waiter!  My blessed salmon arrived and it was good, but not as good as usual.  Nonetheless I ate away, and we enjoyed a nice time…..then the bill came.  Ironically I had already volunteered to buy that night, since Chad always buys when we go out and he is sort of opposed to expensive food while I am not (once in a while).  Here is a brief summary of our bill:

Burger: $15

Aritichoke Dip: $16

Wine: Priceless (oh wait, no, more like $9)

Salmon: $30……Insert record scratching noise.

I’m sorry, what was that?  $30 for a piece of fish?  Was this a special salmon from the Atlantic that my body could feed off of for days?  Would it heal all my physical ailments and improve my personal relationships?  For $30 it had better do one of those things!  In a way, though, I am glad I paid if not I think Chad would have withheld food from me for days and shuffled around the house muttering something about money and fish.

Then came Saturday (I told you it was a LONG weekend).  I decided at the last minute to make 4th of July cookies with homemade icing, sort of like the flamingo cookies only not flamingos, and red icing instead of pink…..and Erica wasn’t there to break any this time.  I also made Gigi and Eric’s signature Crack Dip, not sure of its God-given name but it’s addicting like crack (the drug not the butt).  Then we headed to Shannon and Melissa’s for some family time.  We ate brisket, chicken potato salad, homemade ice cream, crack dip, cookies and gosh, what else is there?  The evening ended with a friendly Lemons’ debate, spurred by our resident moderator Daddy DougJ.

Sunday was NOTHING day, finally.  Chad and I kept commenting on how tired we were, even though we had slept in every single day.  I guess it’s age.  So I did laundry, watched HGTV (my new favorite show is Designer’s Challenge), periodically pestered Chad, made a few greeting cards, fantasized about our next house and how I would decorate it, snuggled with the dog, ate more crack dip, investigated a few missing cookies and then remembered that I had eaten them before breakfast, and looked on-line at houses out of our price range (it’s still my favorite hobby).  Chad, on the other hand, watched TV, played poker on-line, periodically pestered me, snuggled with the dog, asked where all the cookies had gone, changed socks twice, made 2 food runs and a Blockbuster run, and then he got on to me for eating only red and purple Sweet Tarts (so I am a candy snob who despises orange and yellow, so what).  So yeah, you can see that it was definitely a NOTHING day (mission complete).  And that was it!

WHEW I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

(This was Jon BEFORE the turkey leg.) 

(And this was Jon AFTER.)

(Sohpia and Gigi just chillen like villans.)

(Beth, who are you texting that’s more important than us??)



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  1. July 8, 2008 2:22 pm

    I think Chewy was trying to tell you that he WANTS a little baby friend to play with. Hmm?

    Did you take any pics of the 4th of July cookies? I want to see!

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