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Shame on you Toshiba Business Solutions

July 8, 2008

Every few years we, meaning Ziglar, engage in the mundane process of searching out a new copier lease.  It’s really a silly exercise because each time it’s the same.  The current company can’t offer you quite as good of a deal as any given new company so you change.  Then when that lease is up it could very well be that your previous company comes back again with a good deal.  Anyhow, this happens to be the case now.  Our current leasing company Toshiba Business Solutions couldn’t really do as much for us as another local company and the sales rep didn’t exactly pursue it either (which I hear is KEY in sales).

In order not to “auto renew” most copier leases have a very strict code of how, when and where to send your formal cancelation notice.  And if you don’t abide you have just bought yourself another 2 years with an outdated copier, congratulations.  It’s the equivalent of a current boyfriend or girlfriend denying your right to break up with them because you didn’t do so at the right time or place.  Like, “HA, you may want to dump me but due to the FINE PRINT you have to go out with me for a minimum of 2 more years.  Even though I am old and there are newer, younger, smaller models out there that can do twice as much as I can in half the time.”  Well, perhaps the latter is more specific to the copier world than the dating world.  But you get the point, right?

Anyhow, I did my due diligence to ensure that I sent the proper notification.  Then I followed-up just to make sure, so I assumed all was well.  Then our new leasing company got me all scared and insisted that I request a front/back copy of our lease from the current company.  Apparently there is some secretive “back” of terms and conditions that they may be hiding from me.  So I immediately called my current rep for the request.  Then I e-mailed.  Then I e-mailed again.  As the crickets say, “chirp, chirp.”  So I called, again.  Still, just the chirping.  As of yesterday I called my rep’s boss and left a message.  I am beginning to think they have vacated the building, except for the receptionist who is the only live human I can get in touch with.

Here is the sad part, if they had just filled my request of faxing or e-mailing me a copy of the lease front/back they would have had a chance eventually to do business with us again.  However, now that chance is DEAD, dead like the sea and the patches of grass in our backyard (from the bunnies).  So SHAME on you Toshiba Business Solutions for not continuing your customer service even if you may have lost your opportunity for one deal….now you have lost your opportunity for ANY deal ever with us!

You see people there is a very important lesson to learn here: Customers may forget that the copier jammed every 2 weeks or that your service team looked about as happy as the crew for the Titanic but they will NOT soon forget being totally ignored by multiple people for over 3 weeks!

And that’s all I have to say about that.


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  1. July 9, 2008 3:30 pm

    Wait, wait… you mean the same company that used to fax us EVERY 5 MINUTES asking for a copy count? Surely you jest! Annoying.

  2. July 12, 2008 1:16 pm

    Oh my, I had no idea!

  3. July 23, 2008 7:16 am

    Unfortunately, your experience is not uncommon, and very classic – all the way down to the rep not responding to requests for originals and buyouts.

    Oh, and auto-renewals, very tricky.

    Most people just do not want to examine the “complete contract” and trust the sales rep…

    I am sorry to hear of your challenges.

    Good luck!

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