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Another Weekend

July 15, 2008

Another busy weekend, or so it felt.  It seems that if we have to leave the house more than twice, and for more than just a food run I chalk it up to being a BUSY weekend.

Friday I had dinner with a work crew – not a random construction crew, people that I personally work with.  I have decided that Houlihans in Addison has the best food, overall, that I have had at a mid priced restaurant in a long time.  I had, you guessed it, salmon and it wasn’t $30.  It wasn’t cheap by any means but it’s what I would expect to pay for a piece of fish, some potatoes and green beans – oh, and a delightful chopped salad I might add.  They also have refreshing mojitos and pometinis (pomegranate martinis).

Saturday was way fun.  I scooped up my grandma and my aunt and we went to Chocolate Angel Tea Room (in Plano).  We each had a healthy salad and then headed to the mall.  Willow Bend Mall is an interesting place.  For you Dallas locals you know that it is rather sparse in terms of people and affordable shops, however, it is much better than it was when they first built it.  For a while there I thought it was a gonner.  All they need is a Nordstrom to really take it to another level – of course, I think every corner needs a Nordstrom.  Anytime I see construction I tell Chad that I think they are building a Nordstrom, which is just wishful thinking, I know, but it helps to think positive thoughts.  And according to The Secret if I think it enough it will happen so that’s what I am counting on.

After some light shopping we had to take a Starbuck’s break, which just so happened to be next to the Apple store.  And they just so happened to be selling the new iPhone that day.  No, I didn’t get one.  But the good news for Apple is that there were 325 other people there that day that DID.  They were all in line, mostly men, looking like they were waiting to sit in Santa’s lap or something.  It’s not that I am opposed to the new iPhone it’s just that I am opposed to:

§  Paying $200 for a phone, which cannot enhance an outfit or decorate my house (two of my criteria for paying $200 for anything)

§  Giving my social security number for a phone, a phone mind you not a loan which sounds similar but is very different

§  Needing a valid government-issued photo ID, again, I am not showing my passport in order to purchase a phone

All of the above things indicate to me that there is too much of my personal information available to the public.  It also indicates to me that it will be too complicated for me to really get my full $200 from it.  Sort of like an all you can eat buffet – I mean, all that I can eat doesn’t equal $15.99, or it SHOULDN’T so why would I pay that much if I am only going to have a chicken salad (with dressing on the side).

Back to the point.  Unless they are giving away free Gucci handbags with every iPhone there is no way I am waiting in line for an hour plus for a phone….no matter how cool it may be.  All that said if I don’t get a phone with a flip up keyboard soon I am protesting and never texting again.  It takes me an hour to text, “hey what is ur plan 4 later” and that is just unacceptable for 2008.  Plus Chad has one and I have major phone envy.

After Starbucks we buckled down and did some sale shopping at Macys.  I had “luck” although with my grandma it’s hard not to luck out.  You know how grandmas think you look cute in everything (not that I don’t, because I sort of do, except for those high waisted jeans).  We probably shopped for 3 hours which is WAY longer than I am used to so I was exhausted…..probably due in part to my limited physical activity during the week (and weekends, and holidays).

As Heather would say, I had to RALLY because that night we headed to Krisi’s (2nd) 29th birthday.  It was a fun time – lots of food, friends, karaoke and darts (the game, they weren’t just randomly being thrown at us or anything).  I made Krisi these cookies, I am totally obsessed with making them, they are so fun:



Sunday Beth, Jess and I laid out by the pool.  I got a nice little bronze, which Chad cursed as soon as I got home (he hates my tanability, which is SOOO a word Word, so stop with the squiggly line).  That evening Chad and I drove to Frisco to see if it was too far for us to move to and it turns out it probably is.  We will play it by ear but it’s not our first choice.  I am sure I will have lots to write about when the official house hunt comes around.  Right now I am just obsessed with looking on-line at houses.  Which Chad is quick to inform me is a waste of time since we aren’t going to start looking until mid August.  Whatever, I love it and it makes me happy….I can stop anytime….really I can.

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  1. July 15, 2008 4:24 pm

    I’m sorry- I see the part about the delicious food at Houlihans, but did you accidentally delete the paragraph discussing how amazing it was to be able to spend time with your long-lost coworker? It’s cool… accidents happen.

    LOVE the cookies. You most certainly did rally.

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