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Top 4 Favorite Things This Week

July 15, 2008

Snyder’s Snaps Pretzels (100 calorie pack): They are a little slice of heaven, an oasis in a dessert (I mean desert) of Twinkies and Fritos, they make the perfect afternoon snack or breakfast substitute for the girl on the go and best of all there are LOTS of them in that little bag.  You can get a 100 calorie pack of pretty much anything these days the only problem is there are like 3 pieces inside.  UMM, ok, so after I have had 3 mini Oreos then what do I eat?


Whole Grain Cheerios: Cereal in general gets a raw deal.  Only for breakfast?  I think not!  I eat a healthy bowl of Cheerios for dinner many a night.  They are low calorie, filling, heart healthy and overall yummy (in a plain kind of way, but I like plain so it’s ok).  Plus for the girl on a diet (which one who isn’t I have never met, even if you are currently on hiatus from your diet you definitely have one) they leave lots of extra calorie room for snacks throughout the night (like Jelly Bellies, please reference the Katherine Lemons Workout Routine blog from June 26th).



The Pottery Barn Catalog: Not that I have ever ordered anything from it but it lets me slip away into a house and world that I can only dream about; one where I can afford to pay $1500 for a full length mirror and $2500 for a large area rug.  Rather than my real life where I visit five Targets to find a rug under $100 because I know the dog is just going to pee on it a week later, if he can manage to restrain himself for that long (or if he is under close supervision).  I decorated for Christmas from the Pottery Barn catalog; it’s full of good classic ideas.  And although some might say it lacks imagination, and that I lack imagination for liking it, those are the people who paint their walls fuchsia and accessorize with scary tribal masks, roosters or stainless steel and black (sorry Chad, it was a good look for a bachelor).  I appreciate classic style, clean lines and an uncluttered life and it just so happens that Pottery Barn provides me all of those things.



Saving Money: While saving money is not something you can go out and purchase (actually quite the opposite) it is definitely one of my favorite things.  You cannot put a price tag on seeing the cash pile up in your savings account.  It makes me feel secure, warm and fuzzy, and super excited (not to mention responsible).  It should be the new trend in the American lifestyle unfortunately it’s not exactly sweeping the nation.  For more information about how to save money and start a budget please visit  Dave Ramsey has some CRAZY ideas about money, credit and everything in between….if you think you are safe and sound and don’t need to save just ask yourself, “Self, would I be OK if I lost my job and had no income for 3 months?”   Things can turn on a dime these days so just make sure you have more than a dime in your savings account!


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  1. Cindy Oates permalink
    July 16, 2008 2:00 pm

    Newsflash! If you ever want to see Kate crack herself up, just read her blog out loud to her. She’s her best audience! (go figure)

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