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Four tid bits from my day thus far…

July 17, 2008


1.      While driving to lunch I was listening to a retro lunch hour on Mix or Kiss or something.  Imagine my surprise when Everclear and Sarah McLaughlin came on rather than the theme song form The Breakfast Club or Less Than Zero.  This can’t be.  The music I grew up with cannot already be on a RETRO lunch hour…can it?  Oh dear, I am afraid that combined with the small wrinkle to the left of my mouth, the evil effects of gravity and this new retro lunch hour development I am (GULP) getting old.

2.     While walking to my car from DSW (or as my grandma likes to say, DFW) an older woman with a cat carrier, small bag and a face full of very pale white makeup approached me.  “Excuse me could you help me…..”  Uh, yeah, NO.  I know, I am a horrible person.  But I am pretty sure there was no cat in that carrier, which begs the question why would anyone be carrying that around with them – oh, and what the heck happened to the cat.  And if there was no cat to begin with what does she use that little cage for?  YIKES, I don’t even want to know.  So she meandered about the parking lot and approached someone else.  I still feel really bad but then again there are some crazy ass people out there and I did not want to make any headlines.  “Local Dallas woman chopped up to bits and buried in cat carrier right outside a DSW and Ulta location, across the street from Steak and Shake.”  Nope, not gonna be me today.

3.     While on my way up to the office there was a man in the elevator (ok not exactly ground breaking news).  As I always do I gave him the once over to assess my elevator partner and make the appropriate judgments (again, did I mention I am a horrible person).  I can’t get past the shoes.  They are brown leather lace ups, which are fine, but the tops of the tips (say that 5 times fast) were worn so much that they were almost white.  First thought: That man doesn’t have a wife.  One that would insist replacing these shoes immediately.  Shoes say a lot about a person and for a business person having old ratty shoes says you can’t afford them, which in turn says you aren’t good at what you do.   You see, at first glance they are just shoes…but look a little closer and you will see that they are actually more telling than a business card or 10 page proposal!  P.S. NO wedding ring, see I was right (again, not exactly ground breaking news).

4.     Let’s say you go to a fast food restaurant and purchase a diet cherry coke.  You pay your $2.14 and drive off without another thought….first off, $2.14 since when did coke (the caffeinated, trademarked, legal kind) get so danged expensive.  At first sip you think, “MAN this is really good!”  Upon a second sip you begin to doubt the “diet” factor of your beverage, and by the third drink you are certain that your low cal afternoon treat just turned into a 160 calorie splurge.  So if you intended to get a diet, and had every wish and desire to drink that diet drink do the calories count?  I say, NO.  Or at least, that’s how it should be.





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  1. July 17, 2008 9:32 pm

    Okay, I’ve definitely seen that cat lady in the DSW parking lot before… is she there every day?? You should have asked to see the cat.

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