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A Quick Movie Review

July 28, 2008

Chad went outside of the norm and rented a no-name non-explosive movie the other night.  Bill, with Aaron Eckhart, is pretty darn funny!  If you are looking for an irreverent flick with humor and the unexpected this one is for you.  Jessica Alba is also in it but don’t worry, not for long.  I didn’t realize I wasn’t a fan of hers but as it turns out I am not.  She is just sort of annoying and not that good of an actress.  If anyone used to watch the TV show Bobby the younger brother from that is also featured, he is very good!  Also, the cop brother from Journeyman (yet another good show that was cancelled) plays an interesting role.  All in all I would rate it an 8.0.


P.S. Do you think we watch too many movies?

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