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And My Top 3 Irritants This Week Are….

July 28, 2008

I decided that while I have posted twice about my favorite things I have yet to rant about the things that I hate and that irritate me.  Depending on the day pretty much anything could be irritating but there are those good old classics that are irritating any day!

1.    Aloof & Distracted Sales People (especially retail): I would think that anyone in sales would attempt to make themselves SUPER available and helpful to customers.  So why is that more often than not I find that sales clerks are texting, gossiping with coworkers or just plain doing their best to avoid me?  This doesn’t make sense to me.  And honestly some of them are so young that I am not sure it’s legal to leave them alone in a store without adult supervision.  Apparently the draw of socializing is too great for anyone under 18 to resist.  And it’s downright ironic when I have to INTERRUPT their personal conversations to ask a question.


2.   Large Cars in Small Spaces:   So you have an SUV, fine.  If I could have it my way I would have a Lexus hybrid SUV, so it’s nothing against SUVs.  Knowing you have a large car you should also realize that you are not going to fit into every parking space.  Because when you do you are really giving the rest of us the giant middle finger because you take up a spot and a half.  This causes your door to hit someone else’s OR it literally makes the other spot useless.  I like to relate it to wearing pants that are too small.  Yes, you can make them work after a few tries but does anyone really want to see the results?  You are hanging out and over and everyone can see that your pants/parking space doesn’t really fit.  Save yourself the trouble and do us all a favor and go up a size in both!


3.   Off-Brand Bath Products:  I say this with not an ounce of snobbery.  Obviously nobody knows what kind of bath products you use, except maybe your spouse or roommate, so it’s not like you are trying to impress anyone.  But investing $12-$25 in a name brand body wash or lotion goes a long way.  I am not talking Gucci lotion or anything just a good Bath and Body Works flavor or brand.  Off-brand products don’t have a lasting smell, or if they do it’s not one that you want to last.  They tend to be watery, therefore not lasting as long because you have to use twice as much to get the job done.  And that’s all I have to say about that.


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