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Morning Star Farms You Rock My Low-Cal World

July 28, 2008

They have done it again, I tried the “chicken” patties at Heather’s suggestion and they were delicious!  One patty is only 140 calories so I had 2 with ketchup and red onion and a little side salad.  That’s still less than a Lean Cuisine and it wasn’t covered in plastic and frost bite either (sorry LC, you know I still love you). 


Today is officially my 4th day without a diet drink.  While I am still using a little Splenda in my coffee it has already made a huge difference in the way I feel and seemingly my hunger level – do you think that’s really possible?  Well, the lure of a bubbly refreshing Coke Zero still calls to me but I am resisting!  Since I can’t have diet drinks I have been having A LOT of water with Propel, boring yet it makes me feel healthy.  Tonight I slipped a little Simply Lemonade into my water and it’s extremely refreshing.  The best part is NO artificial sweetener, just good old fashioned sugar. 


Tomorrow night I am making a light herbed chicken with brown rice.  For a rice fanatic switching to brown isn’t exactly exciting but I am trying to cut out the bad carbs.  And Chad, if you are reading this pretend like you didn’t read I was serving you brown rice.  Tuck it away in the back of your memory – the same place where you put your note about replacing the smoke detector and mowing the lawn (it will be safe, sound and sure not to escape in there).


Thursday night I am bringing back spaghetti night with turkey meat sauce, wahoooo!  And the crowd went wild.  My sister will be staying with us and I know that at least SHE will be happy with my meal selection.  I will also be serving Texas Toast, however, I will not be indulging.  So it will really just be Chad, Elizabeth and probably the dog that get to savor the cheesy buttery flavor…wait, that’s everyone EXCEPT me.  Booooooo.  Bread is one of my favorite things, especially French bread….and garlic bread…..and well anything with yeast that can be baked, buttered and eaten (inappropriate remarks about yeast are not acceptable at this point in the blog).


Friday night I will be mixing up some of Gigi’s famous Crack Dip.  Although this is not the official name it’s really the only fitting description.  It’s this amazing mingling of avocado, red pepper, corn, black beans, olives, garlic, olive oil some herbs that is absolutely NOT possible to put down.  Crack Dip day will also officially end my cooking for the week as the oven dish stops right there Mr.  It’s restaurants and take out until Monday when I hit the grocery store again!

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  1. July 29, 2008 12:06 pm

    YEA for the chicken patties!
    BOO to no Diet Coke!

    But yeah, it’s healthier. I need to give them up too.

    And you know I will be needing this crack dip recipe, right?

  2. Gigi permalink
    July 30, 2008 12:54 pm

    Tell Heather she can have the recipe, but she will have to go through the hazing ritual. She doesn’t mind pig feet does she?

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