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Did Someone Say Herbed Chicken?

July 30, 2008

I know everyone is dying to know the results of my herbed chicken and brown rice dish.  No?  Well you get the full report anyway.  The recipe called for zucchini, celery and green onion to be baked with the chicken and rice.  Unfortunately Tom Thumb was OUT of zucchini.  Despite their usual fully stocked shelves and abundance of all things that I like occasionally they are out of certain fruits and veggies but I chalk it up to the season.  I would rather not have zucchini at all than have 3 old and moldy ones to choose from.  I digress. 

I was TOTALLY impressed with the brown rice.  It was tasty, probably due to the veggies and low sodium chicken broth, and hearty.  The chicken was good too, a little lemon flair to it (from the lemon juice).  Chad even liked it although he didn’t get seconds on the brown rice.  The pieces of celery were like little bits of yummy gold hidden in between the grains of rice, they were so good.  It was relatively easy to make too, although it bakes for an hour there is no turning or basting or what not, it’s just put in, turn on and go (and no this cannot be twisted into an inappropriate sexual remark…well it could but I shall refrain).

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