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Crack Dip, Dominoes and Sunburns

August 4, 2008

I know what you are thinking: what on earth do these three things have in common?  Well, these three things were all included in my wonderful weekend.  Friday Elizabeth, Chad and I watched The Prestige (a 2nd time for Chad and I).  It’s a good film, although I am not much for watching things twice especially since it hasn’t even been a year since we watched it the first time (and Matthew M. doesn’t have a starring role…although Christian Bale does and that’s not bad for 2nd place). 

Saturday Elizabeth and I went to my Grandma’s house while Chad studied for his insurance exam (or so he says but the X-box was warm when I got home so who knows).  As usual Grandma’s house was wild and crazy.  We ate crack dip, salmon, Summer Chicken soup, strawberries and banana pudding (I only had one spoonful, a tiny victory for me in the diet wars).  Then it was on to dominoes.  Mexican Train is an amazingly entertaining game, especially when played with the Ziglar family and friends.  And for the first time ever in Mexican Train history Zig Ziglar won!!!  It was a glorious moment for him.  And the rest of us were just glad Uncle Jim didn’t win, since he wins every time we play (literally).  But do you know what this special day with family and friends really made me realize?  There are not nearly enough good pirate jokes out there, or there are but nobody is telling them… I tried to make them fresh in the minds of everyone.  Hey, “What is a pirate’s favorite letter in the alphabet…..ARGHHHHH (R).”  “What does a cannibal pirate like to eat….ARGHMMMMS (arms).”   Yeah, they got progressively worse as the banana pudding began to wear off and everyone’s sugar highs fell flat.

Saturday night Chad and I joined Tawna, Matt, Beth and Jon for dinner at my favorite place Houlihans!  I had a lovely light herbed chicken with baby greens in balsamic.  And I may or may not have had a few of Chad’s French fries, I am not confirming or denying.  Oh and then Tawna made me drink Adam and Eve Apple martinis.  Bad Tawna BAD!  Jon and Beth filled us in on the joys of being newlyweds.  Just think, if it weren’t for marriage Beth would never have a new wide screen HD TV that she can see from the guest bathroom and a $150 wall mount to boot.  That Jon, always thinking of others!  I just giggle on the inside a bit because Chad and I are only a year into our wedded bliss and I can already look back at our first few months and totally relate to J&B.  I think God has a good sense of humor thus making men and women very different for His own amusement. 

Sunday funday!  We broke in Jon and Beth’s new condo pool.  I had to make sure it was safe for them so I tested the waters (literally).  Here is my general report:

·         Metal lounge chairs not conducive to safe sunning in 107 degree heat

·         Length of pool is good for swimming laps although it is still necessary to beware of other swimmers (and yes I did too do laps Chad!)

·         Rock surface surrounding pool is NOT, I repeat NOT, cooled from beneath and WILL burn your feet if you cannot run fast enough from the pool to the metal chair

·         It is not nice to remind husbands of certain “bears in the cave” amongst a gaggle of girls, especially after they have just catered to you with Gatorate and bananas

I am happy to report that I have a nice red bronze going……after all my motto is: If you can’t be fit you mine as well be tan!

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