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Be Very Very Quiet….We Are Hunting Houses

August 5, 2008

Well, yesterday was our first day house hunting.  It was so much better than our first search, mostly because we know what we want and we actually agree on most everything.  Carrollton turned up a whole bunch of NOTHING, which Chad and I were upset about because we like the area.  Plano had the most prospects thus far (we haven’t looked at Frisco yet).  We found several houses that were good candidates but they had one or two qualities that made us know that they weren’t OUR house. 

There was this one, SO cute and totally updated but also too small:


Then there was this house with an awesome kitchen and two huge living areas one of which we woudn’t know what to do with…plus mirrored doors in the bedroom a definite NO GO.  Oh and no craft room/office, an absolute MUST in this house.  If I don’t get my craft room this time Chad will be miserable for months, not because he would be so sad for me but because I would remind him each and every day of my missing room (that’s true love, the ability to be honest with your spouse).



This house was nice, the kitchen was totally redone and they had a cool shower in the master (with slate and a seat for shaving or sitting) but in the process of remodeling they also took a closet out of the master and the only one remaining wouldn’t hold even my shoes.


We interrupted dinner for these homeowners (sorry) but it wasn’t the right floor plan, the living room was too small for our furniture and the formal living was too narrow to make into an office…but they had a nice cat.  The notes to the realtor said DON’T LET THE CAT OUT and as soon as we drove up this big fat kitty was in the storm door just waiting for a chance to escape (sorry to disappoint).  Another weird thing was they had converted their garge into an office and cigar bar (unofficially) except it wasn’t really converted in the sense you would think, they just put a desk out there in the 107 degree heat…..poor Chad would probably sweat off 20 pounds in an average night of on-line poker playing (and he can’t afford 20 pounds)!

There was one last house which was the perfect floor plan for Chad and I.  The house was well maintained, they had nice décor, it only needed a little bit of work but……….well, let’s just say the perfect house in an imperfect neighborhood is not the perfect house.  As we were driving up we all 3 said, “Uh, I don’t like the neighborhood.”  But we had to go in because the owners were standing out front (pressure) smoking a cigarette and playing with their child (nice).  It just looked sort of trashy, there were sheds in the back of most of the homes (which were taller than the fence lines, a big nono) and every other house had a super nice car (like a Mercedes or BMW with shiny rims) but the “other” houses had broken down Hondas from 1982.  So it just made Chad and I think, “Hmmm, ½ of the people live here because it’s what they can afford and the other ½ do so because it’s a good cover for their drug business.”  Not to mention the BEWARE OF PIT BULL signs – a classic drug dealer dog (not that all pit bulls belong to drug dealers, not at all but the reverse seems to be true).

So we walked away empty handed but not totally discouraged.  We are hitting the streets again on Wednesday and are hopeful that we will find:

1.      A 3-4 bedroom home

2.     With an upstairs loft area or office

3.     An open kitchen/living room

4.     A large master bath and closet

5.     Updated everythingJ

6.     Medium size yard

7.     Nice neighborhood

8.     Close to major highways (but not too close)

9.     Custom paint and finishes

10.                        Non-gold hardware

11.                        Stainless appliances

Haha, our poor realtor (cousin DeDe) I think she has the impossible job!  But we really don’t need ALL of those things, the most important is the floor plan because we can paint and replace flooring and appliances but knocking down walls is a little bit above our skill level – let’s face it, installing a fan is above our skill level.

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  1. Cindy permalink
    August 6, 2008 1:03 am

    Aunt Jetta has a fan you can borrow. It even fits in your purse!

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