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Holy Fruit Bars

August 5, 2008


I have just tried the most glorious low-cal snack EVER.  I was at the grocery store today, yes I know it’s Tuesday but house hunting has thrown off my grocery schedule, and there was an end cap with Newton Fruit Crisps – as in Fig Newtons.  At first I though, um, nahh, I don’t really enjoy figs or Fig Newtons.  Then I saw that they were crunchy, not fig flavored and only 100 calories.  Well say no more Mr. Newton!  I was so hungry after unloading groceries that I needed a pre-dinner snack….hmmmm….what should I eat.  Oh I know!  So I tried one, there are 2 per package, and yummy fruity crispy goodness exploded in my mouth, exciting each and every taste bud.  This can’t be 100 calories per package…so I checked again, and it’s true 100 calories for 2 whole fruit crisp bars.  I am in snack heaven.  This could even be breakfast or a mid morning snack or mid afternoon snack or a pre-dinner snack or even, yes even, dessert.  And I do realize that I place a lot of importance on snacks, so what a girl gets hungry throughout the day.


I would say its only fault would be that it’s not exactly free from preservatives or unnatural ingredients (for all of you pure dieters out there).  There are about 6 lines of ingredients and nothing natural can have that many.  Also, to all you people with nut allergies let it be known that Newton Fruit Crisps are manufactured with equipment that processes tree nuts – just in case.

Here is a pic for all of you visual learners out there:


 Seriously I think a nut allergy would be THE WORST.  You basically can’t eat anything and you certainly can’t go out to eat because nuts are like in everything or even if they touched a knife or blender or plate some people are so allergic that even that can cause death. 


Dear Lord, thank you for sparing me from any serious allergies that would prevent me from dining out and living the life I have come to love.

P.S. Also, thank you for Chad.

P.P.S. and Chewy

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  1. August 6, 2008 7:01 pm

    Haha- nut allergy. Hehehe.

    I’ve been wanting to try these crispy Newton things… sounds like I need to check them out!

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