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Luckily I Am An Expert in All Things

August 6, 2008

Here are 10 tips to people selling their homes, and their realtors…you know, since I am sooo experienced and all:

1.      First of all have pictures of your home for the on-line listing – we live in a visual world folks if there aren’t pictures I don’t even look once much less twice

(Yeah, NOT OK)

2.     An up close and personal photo of a white wall doesn’t really give viewers a good feel for the room  – stand back and get a wide angle shot…and for crying out loud TURN THE LIGHTS on before you snap the pic


3.     Hint: when photographing a mirror remember that mirrors reflect and you can see the person taking the picture (so wear pants and comb your hair)


(I can see you)

4.     While your pets are adorable Muffin doesn’t need to be in every photo – people are buying the house not the cat…unless you are willing to throw it in

5.     For goodness sakes CLEAN UP – I honestly can’t believe people would post photos of their home in disarray with crap all over the counter and un made beds (but they do)

6.     Nothing turns potential buyers off more than a strong odor – whether it’s from the cat box, your teenage son or the fried rice you made last night keep the windows open or something ‘cause people don’t want your life they want your house

7.     Simplify – while your 150 piece Faberge Egg collection may be very special to you the average house hunter can’t look past every surface being covered in ornaments, pictures and other forms of tacky clutter…just get a head start on packing and put some of those things away

(Look at the mantle and table – TOO MUCH)


8.     Update – anything you can do to update your home, even if it’s as small as replacing a fan, will attract buyers…because it’s one less thing they have to do

9.     Paint – it can be your best friend or worst enemy.  Hot pink and orange might be little Emma’s favorite colors but they don’t necessarily appeal to potential buyers…go neutral or get real comfy with your current living conditions.

(HINT: Pink is NOT a nuetral)

10.                          Your first impression starts on the outside – trim the hedges, mow the grass and plant a few flowers…good grief

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  1. August 7, 2008 3:23 am

    HEY- I just tagged you… check out my blog for details.

    It’s like a chain letter. If you break it = bad luck FOREVER. So you better do it.

  2. Beth K. permalink
    August 7, 2008 2:06 pm

    You should have seen this wallpaper in one townhome Jon and I looked at. I refused to live there b/c of it….and the fact that it was infested with mosquitos. Jon told Penny upstairs that I didn’t care for the wallpaper in the master bathroom….she walked down to check it out….could hear her laughing from upstairs.
    Ok ok…an older couple owned it. What do you expect, right?

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