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Today in Katherine’s Spam Inbox….

August 6, 2008

I have not checked my Yahoo mail in a while so I thought I would give everyone a good laugh.  Today must be my LUCKY day as I have received some amazing offers that I don’t really think I can turn down.

1.      A FREE 4 night Cancun vacation – sign me up!

2.     Crush Mail – wahoo, I am sure Chad won’t mind that my crush is sending me scandalous e-mails

3.     Target Gift Card – a classic for sure

4.     $300/Day Rebate Processor – really?  Wow!  I had no idea the rebate business was that lucrative

5.     FREE Trial of Phentremine – I can lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days….or do they mean up to $30 in 30 days

6.     Testers Wanted – Just my luck we happen to be in the market for a new laptop and here I get an offer to test a DELL and we get to keep it!

I am just sad that my Nigerian friend has not contacted me again since I gave him my bank account number so that he could transfer my inheritance into my account….I really need that money, about $100 a day seems to be slipping out of my account (I can’t figure it out, I am sure it’s just my math skills failing me again).



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