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Reunion Dress, Houses and Coke

August 14, 2008

This weekend is the big 10 year reunion.  Gigi called last night to politely reminded me, “Um, dude, you never posted your reunion dress, gosh, get it in gear.”  And she is right, I never did, SHAME ON ME!

So, drum roll please…….. here it is:

(and that’s exactly what I will look like in it too)

It’s a lovely black and white number, fashioned from a silk blend, probably made in India or China (I will verify later), and just loose enough to be comfy.  But the best part about this dress, and most dresses at White House Black Market, is that it comes with optional spaghetti straps.  I don’t know about you and your “girls” but whenever I wear a strapless dress I wind up tugging at my bra or the dress itself all night long.  And since dress tugging is not a hobby of mine I would rather not spend 4 hours waiting for everyone to turn their heads just so I can yank at my bra/dress.  Another odd factoid is that I have a large amount of space between the bottom of my neck and the top of my um, er, chest so when I wear strapless it looks funny….and if pictures are taken at the right angle (from the shoulders up) I look like I don’t have a dress on at all (and that would just be inappropriate, please reference certain pics from Jon’s and Beth’s wedding)!

House Update: Last night we scoured Frisco for a suitable dwelling.  We had much more luck there than anywhere else, mostly because the homes are newer.  But apparently we have an affinity for homes on busy streets because 4 of them were!  And I am kidding because I actually HATE homes on busy streets.  And I hate popcorn ceilings.  Oh and in case I wasn’t clear enough in my earlier post on what home sellers should do….if your dog or cat pees everyday on the carpet it WILL SMELL, even if you don’t notice it, so for goodness sakes just replace the flooring and the pads otherwise nobody will buy your stinky, nasty pet stain infested home (I’m just sayin).

P.S. House hunting is exhausting, as soon as we got home I got ready for bed and hit the sack…meanwhile Chad was pumped and ready to go.  He wanted to discuss each house in detail, figure out finances and insurance, run a 5K marathon and I am sure he made time for a little MADDEN.  But luckily Chewy was exhausted too, you know from his big day of barking, sleeping, scratching and eating (Hey, is Chewy an executive of some sort?  Kind of sounds like he fits the job description but he doesn’t play golf, hmmm.) so he snuggled right in with me!


P.P.S. I really miss Diet Coke right now – the cold fizz as it slides down my throat burning just a little but in a good way.  The snap of the top when I would open a fresh one.  The hope it provided a boring Thursday afternoon.  The boost of energy it provided.  Oh Diet Coke and Cherry Coke Zero, I miss you so much.

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  1. August 15, 2008 1:42 pm

    LOVE the dress!

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