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Chicken Chile

August 15, 2008

Last night I decided to try something new for dinner, much to Chad’s surprise.  I took a pretty simple recipe from a cookbook we received as a wedding gift (thanks Chad & Kelly B.).  And thanks to Heather’s influence I even took a picture of the Chicken Chile before I dug in.  That’s saying a lot especially since a trip to the store and some general laziness put dinner time at about 8:30 (unheard of in the Lemons’ household, for me anyway).  I have to say it’s not as addicting as my taco soup but it is delightfully refreshing, light and full of good stuff:

·        Corn

·        Rotel

·        Black beans

·        Shredded chicken

·        Low sodium broth

·        Stewed tomatoes (which I easily avoided in my actual bowl b/c they are large enough to set aside)

·        A chopped onion

·        Brown rice (which I promptly burned b/c Chad and I were arguing about countertops and popcorn ceilings)

I sprinkled a little shredded parmesan on top and Chad had a heaping helping of tortilla chips.  Overall it was good, good enough for leftovers today but next time I might try using taco seasoning on the chicken or in the broth – for a little added kick!


(please note the super exensive napkin, only the best for us!)

P.S. If you have not watched Run’s House on MTV you need to.  It’s the best and cleanest show on TV.  I am in love with their family and wish I could be a part of it so bad!


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