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No Good Stains

August 18, 2008

I was soooo that little girl who cried when she got dirty….and when I speak in past tense I mean, like, ummm, errr, last week.  Yes I know, it’s ridiculous and petty and has no eternal consequence but let’s face it, stains are the enemy my friend.  So you can imagine my elation when Tide came out with their Tide Stick – for the girl on the go who loathes stains and all things yucky.  The Tide Stick has come to my rescue many a times and although he may not admit it, Chad too has benefited from my magical wand (now is not the time for immature sexual remarks….that’s later) – always tucked away nicely in my purse.  Yes, it’s true, sometimes I feel like Kelly Ripa in the commercials where she gets all giddy about coloring out a stain with her TS.  And may I suggest Tide that perhaps a mini-stick is in order.  I find that when I carry small “going out” purses there is little room for my stain remover friend, and that hurts me as well as bites me in the butt – I mean drinking in a dimly lit bar/club/restaurant filled with people is the perfect recipe for a stain disaster….I am envisioning a key chain version as well for the truly no frills girl who only carries her phone and keys around with her (although I cannot relate to or understand that type of girl they do exist)…..oh, and for men as well (yeah right, they would rather be caught in women’s underwear than sporting a portable stain removing device).


P.S. I am cooking a Morning Star Farms Veggie Garden Burger as we speak and the delightful aroma is calling me!

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