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What PLANET Are You From

August 20, 2008

Recently, in the last 6 months, I was “promoted” to be in charge of IT.  And for your information I CAN hear you laughing, and it’s not nice.  While I am quite good with PCs and all of the Microsoft Office programs I don’t know the difference between a terabyte, sound byte or mega byte so the learning process has been, well, a little hairy.  To make matters even more frustrating we don’t have an IT person in-house anymore so we outsource most of our needs to a company that handles our e-mail, phones, etc.  But one thing they don’t do is maintain our website server.

For over a year we have been using The Planet to host and “maintain” our site server.  Our last IT person set up all the applications and then didn’t touch them again.  Now, try to stay with me here, I know it’s easy to get lost in tirades such as this one.  So our server has been less than efficient and has prevented us from doing things we need to do.  This is where it gets good (or bad, whichever you prefer).  At the first inkling of an issue I open a ticket with The Planet thinking that I would get an immediate response and the issue would be taken care of in a matter of a few days (insert negative buzzing sound like on a game show).  WRONG!  This began over 4 months worth of back and forth ticketing while absolutely ZERO, ZILCH, ZIPPO was solved.  For those that know me you know that patience is NOT one of my virtues so combine the following: lack of IT knowledge, lack of willingness to help on their part, and no resolution of the issue and you get……………..a very frustrated, angry and foul mouthed Katherine (who normally cusses very little except for her favorite ass, crap, and hell references – but those don’t really count anymore do they?)

To give you a better idea of some of our exchanges please read below (by the way, actual live phone conversations were literally not possible as you were not allowed to call their technicians directly):

THE PLANET:  Thank you for choosing The Planet how can I help you?

ME: Yes, we would like to update our Windows application please.

THE PLANET: Please open a ticket with this information.

ME:  Oh, I already did.

THE PLANET: Hold please.

ME: Ok.

THE PLANET: You do not have full service on your account so we will have to bill you for the admin hours.

ME: Ok, well, how many hours do you expect?

THE PLANET: Probably 1-90 but we really can’t say.

ME: Um, ok, well, we really need it done so go ahead please.

THE PLANET: Ok….oh wait, I see that you don’t have X on your server which means we can’t do the work.

ME:  How do we get X?

THE PLANET:  You have to have Y to get X but you don’t have that either.

ME:  How do I get Y?

THE PLANET:  You need to open a ticket and then we will give you a quote on the admin time it will take to do it.

ME:  Ok, I will do that then – what’s the web address for the ticketing system again?

THE PLANET: Sorry we can’t tell you that you need to open a ticket.

ME:  Can I talk to your supervisor?

THE PLANET:  Yes, you can open a ticket and request to speak to the head of the department.


 THE PLANET: Thank you for choosing The Planet, have a great day.

So you can see my frustration.  Hence the reason why we CHUCKED The Planet all together and went with Rack Space…who are FABULOUS by the way!  We are in love with their hybrid of a timely ticketing system, e-mail and yes, actual live phone conversations.  And everything is YEAH, NO PROBLEM rather than UM, PLEASE OPEN A TICKET BUT EVEN THEN THE ANSWER WILL PROBABLY BE NO.

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  1. Cindy permalink
    August 21, 2008 1:03 am

    You go, gurl! Bye bye Plane! Hello Rack Space!

  2. August 21, 2008 10:37 am

    I think you were a little to kind to The Planet.

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