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Oh Denton How I Miss You So

August 24, 2008

Yesterday the Girls (Gigi, Erica, Beth & Courtney) and I went to Denton for Alpha Phi’s Bid Day.  Bid Day is a special time when the cute little freshmen girls find their sorority home and embrace their new sisters and settle in for life long friendship….or at the very least 4-5 years of fun parties, drunken nights and cute boys.  Mostly I just wanted to get together with my Girls, check out the sorority house (which they DID NOT have when we were in school) and maybe have an afternoon cocktail at our favorite old haunt (don’t judge me).  The house was pretty sweet, so much better than what we had.  Our “house” was nothing more than a broken down Motel 6 with low ceilings, bad lighting, and lead paint.  I KNEW there was a reason it took me 5 years to graduate!  And it wasn’t just us all the sororities had to reside in such a place….while the fraternities were free to build their party mansions, SO WRONG.  Enough of my bitterness though. 


I am not usually around the 18-23 crowd anymore, and certainly not in groups of 75 so I did the best I could to observe their dress, their behavior and you know, anything else that would allow me to judge them….I mean love them (I mean judge).  Here is what I learned:

·        Apparently cowboy boots paired with shorts or skirts are the new thing.  And boat shoes too.  I had NO CLUE, I feel so un-cool, I must go out today and immediately rectify the situation.

·        Dues are expensive and I am not sure I could afford the sorority even now, how on earth did I afford it before?

·        I was never really committed as I did not go so far as to tattoo a sorority symbol on my wrist, foot or stomach.

·        Pictures really do live on forever – there are four too many composite pictures with me in them, looking all kinds of wrong.

·        While it would be nice to be young I am glad I am not in college anymore. 


I asked Chad if he would mind if I were to become house mom, pointing out that it was rent free but that he wouldn’t be allowed.  He just sort of looked at me and no words came out of his mouth.  So I am taking that as a MAYBE.


One thing that would drive me CRAZY is that I bet there is clutter and messes all the time.  I bet there is never complete organization and neatness in a house with 15 women and countless visitors.  UHHH, that would put me over the edge, I would be known as the bitchy mean sister who couldn’t relax.  Oh wait, I already am, except it’s more like bitchy mean wife, friend, niece….you get the point.  But seriously how does someone with OCD maintain sanity in a house with that many people?  I would have to set my alarm for the middle of the night just to wake up and straighten.  Yeah, I think it’s safe to say that I should stay in my house with my husband and dog and just try to contain their messes.  And that perhaps I shouldn’t become a house mom and move back to Denton.  I am too old my bedtime of 9:00 would no doubt make me the LEAST fun girl in the sorority.  But they can just wait until they are 28ish and have to work everyday and calling in to say that you are hung over becomes a ridiculous excuse (that will get you fired) and you can’t just find someone to cover your shift and there may not be another job out there that’s just as good because while there is a Chilis on every corner there is not a corporation like the one you work for.


I’m just sayin, it will happen to them…eventually.

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  1. August 25, 2008 2:54 pm

    Did y’all sing sorority songs and give each other “the grip”… you did, right?
    Were there really people with greek letter tattoos?? I’m pretty sure that’s a NO NO, since nationals wouldn’t even allow us to drink while wearing our letters. Crazy.

  2. Jill permalink
    August 26, 2008 2:12 pm

    I do wish I had done the sorority thing looking back!

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