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Birds and Politics: The Hills Of Course

August 26, 2008

Last night after veggie burger tacos – a nice healthy rendition of Tin Star’s cheeseburger tacos I settled down for The Hills.  As usual I had to watch the last episode first because I have no patience and even though I just saw it 8 days ago that’s totally inconsequential.  The Hills is like Lord of the Rings, every time you watch it you pick up on something new….and I am pretty sure Spencer was a Hobbit in another life.  Sure enough I caught Heidi making a super observant comparison about how her sister was an “early bird” while she and Spencer were “late birds.”  Late birds?  Really.  There is no such saying and it doesn’t even make sense.  The EARLY bird catches the worm, we are EARLY birds, up with the BIRDS – all acceptable bird references.  But birds don’t wake up late, they just don’t Heidi so think it through the next time.

Anywho!  This week was especially humorous, starting with Stephanie Pratt’s birthday dress.  Did anyone else think it looked like an Alice in Wonderland nighty?  (see what I mean)



Stephanie is one of those girls that looks good from afar, and has all the parts to look cute but somehow usually disappoints. 

But Stephanie wasn’t the only Pratt making me laugh, oh no.  Leave it to Spencer to enlighten you politically as he compared the feud between him and Lauren to the never ending battle between Iran and Israel.  That’s right Spencer Lauren’s anger toward you for talking about a sex tape of hers is definitely comparable to centuries of war and religiously fueled hatred.  Seriously.  Not OK.

I thought it was funny that Brody took at stand at the birthday when Spencer and Heidi showed up stating that he didn’t want the drama and he was leaving.  Oh Brody, nobody believes you.  If you really didn’t want the drama you wouldn’t have elected to be on this show so take your tough stance on NO MORE DRAMA somewhere else….perhaps you and Kim can talk it out over coffee.


So that about covers it, only so much can happen in 30 minutes but I might pick up on more next week when I watch this episode again!


P.S. Is Kelly Cutrone really a bitch or is it just for the cameras?  How can someone in the fashion industry wear such little makeup, and for goodness sakes put on a shirt of color for once.  Between the black hair, black shirts and no makeup you are making a serious case for yourself as Marilyn Manson’s girlfriend.


P.P.S.  MTV’s new EXILED show about former Sweet 16 girls is really uber lame.  Come on MTV, you can do better than that.

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  1. Gigi permalink
    August 26, 2008 1:31 pm

    I seriously LOL at Spencer’s political comment and thought to myself I hope Kat picked up on that for her recap……

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