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Sunday Funday

August 27, 2008

The countdown has begun.  Today, Wednesday August 27th at 5:20 PM, marks 45 hours and 20 minutes until the first Fantasy Football draft of the season (assuming the boys start on time, which they won’t).  This means I have approximately 40 hours left to obtain any kind of attention from my husband, for the next 5 months (I included time post FF season to discuss every single play, trade and dramatic event since sh*t talk is an important factor of the FF tradition).  So I figure I had better start deciding what I want to do with my time.  Last season I did a lot of house related items, which might still be happening this season since we are moving yet again….hey WAIT A MINUTE.  I wonder if this whole “yard falling off the side of the earth” thing was just a ploy so that we could be in a brand new home come football season and I would stay busy and not bug Chad.  Hmmm, not sure if Chad is that thought out but it sure seems fishy if you ask me.  Perhaps I should check the yard for species of moles not characteristic of Carrollton, Texas.


I also watched A LOT of girly movies and HGTV last season, that was nice.  I would change out a load of laundry, watch my movie, fold, eat some Jelly Bellies, start a new load, fold the next, watch my movie….ok so you get the point, it was a riveting Sunday.  All the while Chad would run down at half times (I say plural because he watches ALL the games) to restock his supplies like Coke (the soda folks not the drug, we have a PG lifestyle), donuts, chips, a hot pocket every now and again and probably some runts and/or Sweet Tarts (yes, his metabolism pisses me off on a regular basis).  If I was lucky I would be the victim of a run-by-kissing but only if there was enough time.


This season, at least until November I can lay by the pool, that’s nice.  And I can still watch my girly movies and be inspired by HGTV to do artsy crafty things for my home.  But perhaps I should find a more worth while endeavor like, you know, something for the greater good.  No, not plastic surgery.  Something where I actually give of my time to people less fortunate, and I guess Chewy and Chad don’t count although since they aren’t me I would have to say they are less fortunate (teehee).  If you can think of something that might be good let me know!  Here is some of my criteria:

1.     Must be no more than 10 minutes away

2.    Must not require me to dress any different than I normally would on a Sunday (which means sweats and no makeup)

3.     Must not be physically exerting – so teaching free jazzercise classes at the Oak Cliff YMCA is out

4.    Must be fun

5.     Must make me feel good about myself

6.    Must make me be grateful for my life

7.     Must NOT cause me to contemplate the meaning of life or anything remotely deep


So far HGTV, girly movies, shopping and arts and crafts fit nicely into 1-7 so perhaps I should just stick with what I know and leave all the do gooder stuff to Obama and the rest of the Democratic party.

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  1. Cindy permalink
    August 28, 2008 9:31 am

    Okay, so here’s what you can do to make the world a better place, or at least your neighborhood. Provide free fertilizer for your neighbors! Actually, Chewy would be doing the service (whew), not you. Yep, a quick walk, a few dumps in nearby yards and wa la! A good deed is done!

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