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Smart People

September 6, 2008

A trip to Blockbuster always presents a challenge.  Chad refuses to rent anything that resembles a romantic comedy and I roll my eyes when he shows me a cover with exploding cars and buildings.  There are very few happy mediums in the movie world, they usually cater either to men or women or men who wish they were women.  Last night, however, we were both pleasantly surprised when we saw Smart People, starring Dennis Quaid, Ellen Page and SJP.  It was one that we had seen the previews for and both gone, “Oh let’s see that!”  A rarity for sure.

Ellen and Dennis pull off amazing performances as super smart, arrogant and socially inept individuals.  SJP was ok, nothing special but the role of Dennis’ adopted brother was HIGHlarious, played by the guy who was the dumb handy man on Wings.  Overall I would rate this film a 8.9 for its bizarre humor, original story line, and overall likeable characters.


P.S. Nothing exploded and there were no musical montages featuring a couple in their happier times

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