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Tricky Tricky

September 9, 2008

So I am not sure where I was or what I was doing when they announced that there would be a Hills episode on Sunday night.  Perhaps I was reading a book or writing my own novel or more likely I was probably just distracted by Spencer’s facial hair.  At any rate I was surfing through my TIVO this evening looking for a John and Kate Plus Eight episode to help me bide my time until The Hills when I saw it – an episode from YESTERDAY.  Yesterday?  That couldn’t be right, wait, what day was it?  I was pretty sure it was Monday, I mean, after all I did go to the grocery store and I was unusually tired both characteristics of a Monday.  Yep, it was Monday which meant I just totally missed it.  Whew!  Thank goodness for TIVO.


And while I will not admit this if you ask me I watched it right then and there and then I watched it AGAIN at 8:30 before the new episode.  As always I caught things that I didn’t see the first time.  For instance, Spencer shaved!  It’s a miracle, he must read my blog, that’s the only explanation.  Unfortunately it turns out that the facial hair was not making him look like a tool bag – he is making himself look like a tool bag, facial hair or not.  Sorry Spencer, it was just a theory and you have proved me wrong.  Oh, I also figured out what it is about Stephanie that it a little off – she wears entirely too much makeup, at all times.  She just needs to tone it down a notch and go with that natural California girl thing.


In the Sunday night episode the gang all go to Vegas for Frankie’s birthday, oh yeah I forgot about the barely mentionable best friend of Brody, how much does he get per episode again (Perez)?  But I see a serious flaw in the MTV script – Doug has a jet.  Um, I seriously doubt that some minor league baseball player (an injured one mind you) can afford a private jet and a house in the Hills.  Unless mommy and daddy are Uber, Uber rich – in which case it’s probably their jet and not his.  Nice try MTV, you almost had me.


The only other mentionable moment in the Vegas episode was when Heidi told her sister that there was no need to feel “immediate urgency” to move out.  Gee Heidi, thanks I wasn’t sure what urgency meant but when you pair it with “immediate” it’s like saying “urgency, urgency.”  You know, since they mean pretty much the same thing – she’s like a walking thesaurus that girl.  Speaking of Heidi’s sister, she has not grown on me yet, but I am looking forward to some serious drama.  P.S. How miserable do Heidi and Spencer seem?  I mean, I want to break up for them because it’s so hard to watch.  I sort of think they don’t even live together.


So skip to tonight’s episode.  Honestly the only part I can recall at this point is the cry fest between Lauren and Audrina.  It was, um, sort of painful.  For an actress wanna be Audrina was disappointing but Lauren did a nice job.  I wonder how many takes to get the single mascara laced tear…wipe that shiznat (so not a bad word) off Lauren, come on now and get it together.  But then of course it wouldn’t be a pretty cry, she would have looked like the rest of us do when we cry – a snotty, sweaty, smeared mess.


P.P.S. OMG, I just had a thought – where is the dog?  Lauren and Lo got a dog a few episodes ago, or was it last season, but it hasn’t been seen since.  Lo did make mention of the dog at Audrina’s party but he hasn’t had any face time with camera.  Please if anyone has information about the well being of the dog let me know, I am suddenly worried and I may lose some sleep tonight.

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