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Weekend Part Two: Rachel Woe

September 21, 2008

Speaking of expensive furniture, I watched The Rachel Zoe Project for the first time today.  On the first episode she decides that they need to replace their furniture of 2 years, which is why I said, “speaking of expensive furniture.”  Where as Chad and I spent the morning at IKEA Rachel and her husband walk into Fendi Home.  Uh yeah, no.  While I have no idea how much their furniture costs I do know that a Fendi handbag costs more than our bed, dresser and night stands put together.

After watching for a few minutes I decide that this is worse than The Hills in terms of the “um, like, OMG, totally, I could die right now, fab, shut it down, for sure” speech.  Not only that but the poor girl almost gets lost in all of her layers and giant sunglasses, she can’t weigh more than 90 pounds.  You can see every bone in her chest, that is, if she wears something that doesn’t cover every inch, surprisingly she doesn’t show much skin which is odd for California and especially anyone in the style industry.  In one scene she is complaining about her wrinkles, but she doesn’t realize that if she would just eat a hamburger every now and again hat her face would fill out instead of looking like tiny little creatures are hanging on at her jaw line tugging downwards.  She is a pretty lady but she looks extremely thin, painfully thin – drawn, hollow and eternally tired.  Besides, why go to all the trouble of being thin if you are just going to wear oversized , baggy clothing all the time?

Dear Rachel, I think the first step towards weight gain is to PUT DOWN THE VENTI STARBUCKS and pick up a chicken sandwich.  As it turns out woman cannot survive on caffeine alone and I have yet to see you without an extra large coffee in tow.


P.S. Chad had to be reprimanded last night while packing, for putting the toilet brush in a box with our guest towels.  Yes, I know that the brush is inside its handy little holder but it’s not vacuum sealed and you are throwing it in a box that’s too big so it will undoubtedly tip over during transit and spread the icky germs all over the place.  But thank you for trying you get an A for effort – just stay away from the master bathroom.

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  1. Cindy permalink
    September 21, 2008 7:34 pm

    Chad, don’t worry about the toilet brush. The same germs are on the towels too. No biggie. Gah, Kate!

  2. September 22, 2008 3:25 pm

    Haha- you should come teach my sanitation class!

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