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Hills Recap

September 23, 2008






Ok, not really, but almost.  It was just sort of blah last night, I even watched it twice but alas nothing interesting caught my eye the second time around either.  I do wonder why the crew didn’t go to Italy with Lauren.  Could it be that she was, gasp, actually WORKING there and didn’t have time to memorize a script and film several takes of her “normal” life?  Possibly, but I say there is a 85% chance that it will show up at the end of the season on “never before seen clips – Lauren goes to Italy” and I will be completely intrigued and watch it at least twice.

Lo and Audrina engaged in some painful bonding time, I am pretty sure they still aren’t the best of friends since Lo couldn’t WAIT to tell Lauren that Audrina talked to and later hung out with Speidi, OMG.  Stephanie decides to “drop by” the casa to share her dating news with Audrina, but really probably more or less to decide whether or not Lauren will ever speak to her again if she dates Doug.  It is beginning to seem a little bit like Lauren is the king pen for the LA mafia, like nobody dares to cross her lest they be ousted from the clan and symbolically cut off from the social life line.  I have to agree with Spencer on that one (make note, that will never happen again, unless he does in fact vote for McCain).

Audrina continues to hang out with the man with two first names, Justin Bobby.  And he continues to live up to his shtick, you know the bad boy, I don’t care, too cool, I wear dumb hats that say HOULIGAN on the brim (which I flip up) shtick.  Dear Audrina, JB is not boyfriend material.  He is destined to be someone’s dead beat baby daddy and that’s about it – just don’t let him be yours.

Stephanie has dinner with Doug, blah, blah, blah, blah, boring.  Oh wait, what WAS interesting was Brody’s mom.  Um HELLO DR. 90210!  Somebody has had some MAJOR work done, and I don’t mean on her home or automobile I mean on her mug.  That woman has bigger cheek bones than, um, I don’t know something with really big cheek bones.  Holy cow, I hope she appears on a few more episodes just so I can stare.

That about sums it up, not very interesting.  But that seems to be the running theme in my social life at the moment.  Since we are packing and moving and trying to save money we haven’t done much lately in the way of getting out and about with other people.  So this weekend I painted my nails 6 times, made 4 arts and crafts attempts but last night was the kicker. 

Chad thought I had lost my mind.  I was so goofy and full of energy that even the dog couldn’t keep up.  It was partly due to the 6 cups of coffee I had during the day.  I played hide and seek with the dog, behind the large flat screen TV box – for those of you dying of suspense he found me (twice).   I gave myself a hair makeover by donning 3 pig tails two on the side and one in the back – Chad was less than amused that I interrupted his football watching to show him my new look.  And I hid one of the dog’s toys under Chad’s pillow, it’s his CHICKEN and it makes this really loud obnoxious squeeker noise (Chad was only slightly amused but I giggled silently for about an hour at the thought of him discovering it when he came to bed at 2:30).  Oh and I also tossed golf balls into the cracks of earth where our yard has fallen and used the garden hose to try and evict the mice living in the cracks.  I had to catapult a dead one into the creek this weekend, he was missing a leg and oh so disgusting.  I can’t wait to move.

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  1. Gigi permalink
    September 23, 2008 6:21 pm

    Oh how I miss living with goofy Kat …….. reading this brings me back to the buffy dance and plumber crack. HAHAHAHAHA!

  2. Cindy permalink
    September 24, 2008 9:24 am

    Oh! I had totally forgotten about the plumber crack! Thanks for the memory, Gigi! Kate, we need to revisit that one – but not at the office, please.

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