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Blog Much?

October 2, 2008

As you have probably noticed I haven’t blogged much lately.  My main goal has been getting rid of the boxes (check), organizing each room (check) and hanging all of my décor (check and check).  It has been an exciting week thus far.  Our dryer isn’t working properly which has put a major hitch in my laundry giddy-up, but the handy man is coming out today (um, I mean, Chad is going to fix it).  And our master bathroom outlets don’t work so we have to get the home warranty company to come out.  How is one supposed to straighten one’s hair without a functioning outlet?  It’s impossible I tell you!

Tuesday night we celebrated Chad’s mom’s birthday at Brio in Allen.  It’s a nice Italian place with lots of ambiance and a beautiful patio (that was too full for us to enjoy).  The food was good but the wine was better, teehee.  We were welcomed home by a flowing sprinkler pipe!  YIKES, we didn’t know what it was at first so we freaked out thinking it was coming from the inside, luckily it wasn’t.  Chad was running around outside in the dark and came flying back into the yard with two neighbors (turns out they were in their front yards hanging out).  They were able to get it taken care of just in time to be eaten alive by ants that were floating in the standing water – ala hurricane style.  “Hi, nice to meet you, thanks for helping out, and to show our appreciation may we offer you some ant bites.”

Yesterday was THE day to wrap everything up and get it all done.  So I was up until 11:30 AGAIN.  This may not seem late but when you get up at 5:30 it is, the last two mornings I have literally had to sing to myself in the car (scary enough) with the window rolled down just to stay awake (I hear falling asleep at the wheel actually causes more deaths that drunk driving, but I prefer not to test either theory).  Right now as I type all I can think about is a nap (the one I won’t get).  Anyhow, the only thing left to do is clean up the garage!  It’s a royal mess but what do you expect when the city of Frisco won’t let us pile trash by our trash can for pick up.  I mean how are we ever going to catch up if each week we just keep adding to the pile?

I wish I could be a little more interesting but alas this is all you get.


P.S. After the bug man came out yesterday I hope to be done with the ants.  What’s the deal with Texas and ants?  We had them in our last house too, until we sprayed.  But I would still rather have one million ants than one roach, so I thank God for the little things!


P.P.S. I even forgot to do a Hills blog this week, what is wrong with me!  For a quick update go to

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