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Tiny Tragedy

October 7, 2008

Last night a small tragedy occurred.  The darned rain screwed with Direct TV and prevented me from watching The Hills.  I missed the most critical part I am sure.  Devastating.  In the words of Rachel Z., “I could die, I could die right now, I am dead, OMG.”  Instead I watched John and Kate Plus 8 and 17 Kids and Counting, the Duggar family story.  John and Kate, totally normal in comparison.  I hate to be mean because the Duggars seem like perfectly lovely people, the key word being perfectly.  But they are definitely different.  They are extremely conservative – no TV, home school and extremely traditional dating practices.  But the part that gets me is the long frumpy skirts and outdated hair that all the women have to sport.  Can’t a girl have traditional values without an ankle length jean skirt and super long mullet?  I think the point is to be conservative in dress and not at all provocative, mission accomplished, but there are other types of conservative choices for below the waist other than long skirts.  What about capris?  Or even, dare I say, a mid shin length skirt.  Oh, oh, and how about loose fit jeans from the Gap or something.  I tried to find something about their spiritual beliefs but I think they are just ultra conservative Christians.  Which is fine, they are just a bit hard to relate to…..and there is no drama or yelling or hilarity the way there is on John and Kate or the Hills.


Does anyone know where I can watch the most recent Hills Episode?  Before next Monday that is?  Eeeeks, I don’t know how much longer I can wait.

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