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I’m Just Katie from the Block

October 8, 2008

Last night was our much anticipated Block Party, our first ever.  The last neighborhood wasn’t so much fun.  The ladies preferred to gossip and spend hours planting this tiny strip of median.  Yeah, I always felt just an ounce of guilt when coming back from the mall or something and driving by them all hunched over and working away.  But you know, I just didn’t care about that tiny strip of land that wasn’t even in my front yard and towards the end after our yard fell I REALLY didn’t care.  I digress.

This neighborhood is already 10 times better.  Everyone is really friendly and last night was the first official chance to meet them, and by official I mean we had name tags and everything (I made Chad wear one and I wouldn’t let him write BEBAY – ahhh the joys of pet names).  Anyhow, it was just simply delightful!  And now we will know for next year that hamburger and hotdogs are the way to go, we looked like tools bringing steaks but they were good nonetheless….you know, at 8:00 when we finally ate them.  The police and fire departments showed up to WOW the kids, and by kids I include husbands in that mix.  Chad made me watch the steaks and hold his beer so he could run over to the fire truck.  I think they made him leave after a few failed attempts at turning on the hose and siren (ok, I made that up but it’s funny to imagine).  Our neighbors are really cool, the female half of the couple right next door travels around the world opening Forever 21 stores, spreading affordable trends ‘round the globe.  She was in Hong Kong last night so I look forward to meeting her.  So overall I would call it a success!  Oh and Chewy was finally let out of his cage to meet everyone as well……

………..Yeah so from minute one of the block party, once people began gathering outside our house, Chewy was going NUTS.  He was running up and down the stairs, barking and nearly jumping through the window when he saw the neighbor dog sniffing around.  He was so worked up that as I was trying to slip out the door he made me drop my glass of wine (luckily not in a breakable glass) and subsequently curse his name as I mopped up the mess.  I tried to block out his barks for a two hours while we mingled.  Towards the end two of our neighbor’s dogs were out and about so Chad, unbeknownst to me, let Chewy out to play.  YIKES, Chewy doesn’t really play with other dogs.  Chewy isn’t that used to other dogs so had it not been for the glass of wine I had I probably would have been admonishing Chad and freaking out that the dog was going to mal a child and take another dog’s ear off.  But as usual he surprised me.  Mostly he just sniffed around and lifted his leg.  He seemed totally disinterested in the other dogs, although some jealousy did flair up when he caught me cheating on him by petting Snowball (this giant white fluffy dog).  That’s the only time he snarled but rightfully so as his Mommas is not supposed to show affection towards other canines.

So that was it, we are officially not the unfriendly newbies anymore.  Now we are the newbies with the crazy dog, 2 dead trees and insanely good personalities.


P.S. Unfortunately Matthew McConaughey is not a neighbor, I had sort of thought he might be so I was hoping he would show up at the block party.  But I guess Frisco, TX is not exciting enough for him.

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  1. Cindy permalink
    October 11, 2008 11:34 am

    Now that you know what a social butterfly Chewy is, Beecher wants to come over and do a hot tub with him. He’s bringing cigars and beer. He wants to know what kind of beer Chewy prefers. He’s got some off color jokes too and wants to make sure that you and I are inside the house so he can tell them to Chewy and Chad with no distractions – you know, it’s a guy thing.

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