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Truffles, IKEA and Halloween

October 13, 2008

Blogs have been sparse because work has been kicking my arss.  We just finished with our yearly 3 day seminar.  Which means 14 hour days, too many hours in high heels and early, early mornings.  Hence the no blogs, just be lucky I showered.  But enough about that.

Lots has happened since my last post and in the favor of cutting to chase how about a good old fashioned list:

1.       Used my new Swiffer set and LOVED it.  I highly recommend running over to your nearest Walmart or Target and picking one up.  If you hate sweeping and mopping the way I do you will really enjoy the easy swivel handle, the simple clean up and the overall lack of effort it takes to cover a lot of ground.

2.      Had some major Halloween décor envy – two of our neighbors have decked out their houses for the holiday and I am super jealous.  Chad told me that we don’t have enough room to store décor like that plus our Christmas stuff but I snuck out yesterday and bought a few things.

3.      Painted our mantle – it was wood color and now it’s white, it goes much better with the trim.

4.      Enjoyed our hot tub – it’s a dream come true.

5.      Eaten delicious Oreo Cookie Truffles from

6.      Vowed to stop eating sweets and start working out since there are just a few more weeks until we go to Cancun….so far 2 good walks in our lovely neighborhood and only a few slip ups with #5.

7.      Had a pity party because IKEA was out to get me by not having my desk in stock….but thankfully they had mercy on me (and Chad) and I was able to get it Sunday.  When I say “I” I mean Chad (love you honey).

8.      Chad cleaned out the garage and made multiple trips to the Frisco dump.

9.      Covered our kitchen chairs with new fabric, no mas red go GREEN!

10. Pondered the meaning of life – only to be distracted by Jelly Bellies and Entourage. 

P.S. Has anyone seen the new HBO series True Blood?  It stars sweet little innocent Anna Paquin (The Piano).  It’s really addicting but also sort of scandalous, well very scandalous for a girl who usually watches HGTV.  HGTV reaches their scandalous limit when they have a same sex couple looking for a new home.  But I digress.  Little Anna is all grown up and last night I was none too pleased to see just how grown up.  What is this world coming to when you can’t even watch a harmless series about vampires without seeing nudity.

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