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584 Parts

October 14, 2008


Last night Chad assembled my IKEA desk.  There were approximately 584 parts and 510 of them were tiny nuts and bolts.  So you can imagine that Chad was super pumped.  Luckily one of our 5 TVs is in my new office so he was able to watch the Monday night game and put together my desk all at once (everybody wins, except the dog who was being somewhat ignored since I was very busy watching The Hills).  Here is the desk, which also goes with my shelving unit:



I am working on recovering my antique couch and when I am done I will post pics of those and my kitchen chairs that I recovered – and maybe my dining chairs that I did before we moved (with table cloth fabric from Ross , you can’t beat $16 for 6 chairs).  By the way it is MUCH harder recovering antique furniture than it is modern day.  Totally different tools and methods.  For instance my staple gun is useless against the antique.  The couch laughs in the face of my glue gun.  No, no, these advanced things will not do.  I have to use tiny, tiny upholstery tacks every ½ inch, and then when I am done with that I will have to adhere a braided piping along the entire edge.  This is a small couch but last night it was getting bigger by the minute.  I finally had to give up and go to bed because there was no way I was going to finish, it was already 11:00 PM (yes, that’s right, I was up after 9:30).  Anyway, it will be one of those super rewarding endeavors, or at least it better be.

Speaking of fabric.  When I was on my eternal hunt for cool fabric I looked at Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn.  Hmmm, $79 a yard, and I need about 5 yards, gosh it doesn’t take a math genius to figure out that’s $400.  Yeah, $79 a yard is TOTALLY insane just like the other prices at these stores.  Instead I hit up JoAnns and found fabric for both my chairs and the couch – one for $9.99 a yard and the other for $12.49 (previously $24 but thank you Columbus for setting sail so that my local craft store could have a sale).  I also may or may not have picked up a few more Halloween décor items while I was there.  It was funny, Chad helped unload the groceries and I just whisked in two big pumpkin towers right there in front of him but all he could focus on was his pending fantasy football trade for Ladainian Tomlinson (a definite perk of FF is the distraction capability).

I will post some pics of our Halloween décor tomorrow, because I did some creative things last night with black and white paint!

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