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How Did You Knwo It Was My Birthday??

October 17, 2008

Is it bad to have visited a certain craft store 5 days in a row?  In theory of course.  Ok, not in theory, in reality, my reality.  Last night was my FINAL trip of the week to JoAnns.  Each time I have gone for something legit and affordable (i.e. glue sticks, braided rope for my couch recovering project, etc.) and walked out with at least one Halloween décor item.  Yesterday it was a yard sign, I couldn’t help myself because everything is 50% off.  Chad noticed this one.  I told him I found it at work, and that it was free, but I couldn’t keep up the lies so about 2.2 minutes later I told him I was kidding (somehow he already knew).

This Saturday we are having the fam over for dinner.  I think I will plan some sort of Mexican fiesta with fajitas and guacamole. I found this yummy recipe for grilled shrimp and chicken in my William Sonoma Grilling cookbook (thanks Chad and Kelli B.).  It turns out that I use my cookbooks that we received as wedding gifts way more than the lingerie, possibly much to Chad’s dismay….or maybe not, he does enjoy a good meal!  At 18 I never thought I would be that wife that cooked and cleaned and organized, not because Chad expects it but because I want to or feel the need to.  I guess much has changed in almost 11 years (eeks).  Which reminds me, someone has a birthday coming up……………….IT’S ME IT’S ME!!!!  Oh yeah, and Gigi, Jessica, and my grandpa also have November birthdays.  But mine is the 2nd so it gets top billing for now.

Chad gives me the hardest time about my birthday.  For guys they could care less and actually prefer that you totally forget the day they were born.  For girls – we want tiaras, dinners, gifts, flowers, and tons of attention.  After all, it’s our SPECIAL day!  Why can’t Chad just be OK with showering me with love, gifts and attention for my birthday and I, in return, will completely ignore him on his?  Seems fair.  At any rate for those of you already formulating your Katherine Lemons Birthday Shopping List here are just a few ideas, ten to be exact:

1.       Botox (oh the joys of being 29)

2.      Body wrap (before Cancun please)

3.      Massages (professional only none of those ½ a$$ rub, rub and then I am done massages)

4.      Wine (not whine, I have plenty of that already)

5.      $1,000 (in small bills please)

6.      Jelly Bellies (sour cherry and watermelon only please, you may have to travel to your nearest super Target)

7.      Fat and calorie free cup cakes (if you really love you will make it happen)

8.      House cleaning (not as in exorcist style, as in please dust the base boards and blinds style…and don’t forget to clean the toilets)

9.      Dog training for the elderly (I think Chewy is technically elderly now, oh and slightly chubby but don’t say anything he gets all depressed and won’t eat anything but grass for a week)

10. Gucci handbag (you know, if you happen to be out and see one that looks like me, which they ALL do, and it’s on sale for under $2,000 just go ahead and get it and take comfort in knowing that I will love it no matter what)

Gosh, that’s really all I can think of.  I know that 10 items isn’t much for you to go on but do your best.  After all, it’s the thought that counts – and if your thought happens to stink then include a gift receipt and then it’s the thought “that I may not like your taste” that counts.

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