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Moral Compass: Which Way is North?

October 30, 2008

Every election year brings about heated debates regarding what’s right, what’s wrong and that special place known as the gray area.  Morals and ethics are funny because they seem to vary from person to person, party to party (and not the kind with a keg stand the kind with donkeys and elephants as their mascots) and religion to religion.  The hot topic these days is that, well, there is no right and wrong or that the only right is that there is no wrong.  Wait what?  That’s sort of confusing. 

Let me illustrate my point.  Say you get hired at a new job.  You are super pumped, can’t wait to get started!  Ok, so what’s expected of you, what are the rules, where is the handbook, where is your office, is coffee free, are all holidays observed, who do you report to, which way do you put the paper on the fax machine and the list goes on.  Pretend nobody tells you.  You aren’t even sure what time you are expected in each day.  So you show up at 9:00, drink the coffee all day long, take ALL the religious holidays (even those that aren’t your religion) and you fax very important documents how you THINK they should go (face up, face down, who’s really keeping track).  A month later you get fired and receive an invoice for $90 in coffee fees.  WHAT?  Excuse me.  How were you supposed to know!  There was no handbook, no rules, no guidelines, nobody told you what you could and could not do, so you just did what you thought was right.


And that’s the problem with gray area, it doesn’t really exist.  It’s something invented by people that don’t want to be accountable.  But the truth is, everyone is accountable to someone and that someone has rules, ideals, codes, etc.  When we don’t know what’s right and wrong we do what we think is best.  And while this might be ok for some (like God and Mother Teresa) there are others that I would rather NOT do what they think is best – if you watch reality TV or the news I think you might agree with me.

If you wonder why the world is so messed up all you have to do is look at the most popular moral code….oh wait, there isn’t one, and that’s the problem.  If I do say so myself, and I do.


P.S. Again, which way is north?  Last I checked there is only one true north and if your compass says otherwise you need a new compass, one that hasn’t had a moral bypass.


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