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Halloween Checklist

November 1, 2008

Halloween Checklist:

1.     Candy

2.     Porch light on

3.     All members of the house dressed and decent √

4.     Give the dog a valium CRAP

Yes, last night proved to be a sort of hellish nightmare and not because of the scary costumes.  Because of the little dog dressed in black with brown accents.  You know, I am not one of those dog owners that think my dog is perfect and wonderful and get offended when others can’t appreciate his incessant bark, or scary growl or stinky farts.  Nope, I apologize profusely and silently swear that if I were to have a child I am just certain they would be a little hellion like the dog.  So you can imagine my HORROR when Chewy’s scary alarm bark/run/snarl literally sent some poor cute little one running off from our house with his mom while she shouted, “We’ll just skip this house sweetie COME ON LET’S GO!”  Great, awesome, now we will forever be THOSE people to that little child and mom – you know, the ones that live with the scary mean dog the ones who can’t control their animal and who frighten young children on Halloween.  For all I know they probably think we breed miniature pinchers to fight, like pit bulls only smaller.

The whole night was spent tag teaming the trick or treaters (which sounds so wrong but this is what I mean).  Ready go:

1.      Ding Dong (not Chad, the doorbell)

2.     Chad grab the dog

3.     Katherine run to the door

4.     Grab the giant tub of candy (which I decided is too big to hold with one hand)

5.     Open the storm door

6.     Depending on age and height either stay standing or squat down to allow candy retrieval (I did the candy handing out for the older kids, you know sometimes they just reach in and grab fists full)

7.     Quickly pull the door closed

8.     Chad release the hound

9.     Chewy come running toward the door and let out the bark he had been holding in for a good 1.2 minutes.

10.                        Rinse and repeat

Other than that we had a great time.  And here are the top 3 cutest costumes/incidences:

1.      2 year old fireman with a curly blond mop of hair tried to reach through the glass storm door into my bucket of candy (twice) while his mom just giggled.

2.     A group of young girls (10 or 12 years old) came to the door and I asked the one if she was dressed as an 80’s girl, “Yeah, like you are one of the only people that have gotten that.”  Well honey I remember the 80’s (blank stare, quick grabbing of candy and off they went).

3.     Lone trick or treater, probably 4 years old, dressed in a black one piece suit with a green dragon on the front and with a mask.  “What are you sweetie?”  Reply: “I’m um, a mask…….um……ninja……….I’M A MASKED NINJA!”  So cute, like he finally remembered what he was.



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