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November 3, 2008


Well, the much anticipated Halloween party has now come and gone.  I have to say, for Chad and I both, that this may have been our first and last BIG party.  It was so much fun and it was great having everyone over but man…the mess….the trash…..the late night……the little incidences to the house that tend to happen when there are 30 people…..yeah, all of those things.  Maybe it’s like having a baby though.  You know right after the mother gives birth she swears off children forever but then a few years later she forgets how painful it was and wants another one.  That will probably be the case for us…with a party NOT THE BABY.

Surprisingly the dog was actually calm, cool and collected.  I think there were too many people for him to bark at so he just gave up and perused the crowd, in his super cute SECURITY t-shirt.  There were some other great costumes too:

·         Heather and Brian came as Juno

·         Gigi and Eric were Lucy and Dezy

·         Beth was an 80’s work out instructor

·         Krisi was a sexy mouse

·         Erica was a classic/classy beer wench (what wench isn’t classy)

·         Tawna was a Punkin Diva (unable to locate picture but will post later)

·         Chad was a party pooper, as in he didn’t dress up because he is too cool

I didn’t get pics of everyone because after I certain point I put the camera down and just played hostess.  I tried my darndest to not be the super anxious fretful hostess, compulsively passing out coasters and turning the music down but it was hard.  Apparently several guests did NOT use coasters, don’t worry nobody ratted on you except the rings on my side tables that is.  COME ON PEOPLE, wood and water don’t mix.  But I suppose it’s a small price to pay.  Overall I was quite pleased that my white rug remained white and that nobody spilled a purple drink on our carpet (besides who would drink a purple drink anyway, that is so lame).

Here is what you have all been waiting for, the pictures (at least the ones I have):

This is my beautifully decorated party table with very messy webbing, which attaches itself to everything.

The famous vases that will show up at every party from now until we are 80, only decorated differently.

Cookies anyone?  P.S. My new and “great” decorating pen really let me down, I noticed some flaws in the design that I intend to write them about.

The perfect Stepford housewife.

Look at my knob, it’s for Chad to wind me up….although Gigi and Erica seem not to be paying attention.

There ya go, everyone smile (are those tracers in the photo)!

Lucy you gots some splaining to do!

Neil was the guy from Run DMC, pretty clever if I do say so myself, and I do….notice how Chad’s friend wasn’t TOO COOL to dress up but apparently Chad was (what a snob).

Lindsey, Krisi and Jane Fonda.


P.P.S. It’s not every Sunday morning that you wake up to find a gorilla costume, a set of 5 lb hand weights a pair of size 6 patent leather heels, and false eyelashes in your home.

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