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Believe in Something PLEASE

November 16, 2008

PEREZ ARTICLE: The Mormons ARE To Blame!

“In this great article from The New York Times today, the paper of record explains how were it not for the hate-filled leaders of the Mormon church, the unfair Proposition 8 would NOT have passed in California, writing discrimination into the state constitution.

Perez has been to Sundance for the last three years in a row, but we will not be attending this year. And, we call on everyone in the entertainment industry to do the same.

Boycott Sundance!!!!!!!!!
Boycott Sundance!!!!!!!!!
We CAN NOT in good conscience support or give money to people that see us as second-class citizens.

Mormons were mainly responsible for taking away our rights!!!!!!”

So, I have been an avid “reader” of Perez Hilton for a few years.  Despite the fact that we have nothing in common and that fact that he can be incredibly cruel and liberal (not sure which is worse) I enjoy reading all the gossip.  This recent post (above) happens to strike me as well, ironic.  I am sure I will catch a lot of flack for this, and that’s ok because I think there needs to be more of each one of us being REAL rather than being REAL boring and in agreement with everything.  The fact is we all have beliefs.  And if you are too afraid to state yours vocally then I think that’s sad.  I would much rather have a riveting debate with someone about our differing opinions than talk to someone who is so scared of offending me that they can’t tell me what they really think.  I respect anyone that is convicted, about anything really.  Which doesn’t mean I agree with them I just appreciate the passion, because passion breeds action and if you truly believe in something then your goal should be to propel whatever it is into action.

That being said, here is the irony.  Most liberals and those who air on the side of political correctness say that we should accept everyone, love everyone, not judge and just let everyone be who they are.  So here is the perfect opportunity.  The Mormons believe that homosexuality is wrong.  They believe that, that is part of their religion, their culture.  They don’t necessarily hate or kill or want to harm gay people they simply cast their vote in the direction that would prevent gay people from being legally married.  But wait, that’s not ok?  Because we are supposed to accept, love and tolerate everything and everyone.  Oh but wait, if we are supposed to do that then how can we fault Mormons for having their own beliefs for standing up for those beliefs and for peaceably making those beliefs known?  We can’t, and by WE I mean the same people who preach tolerance, non-judgment and acceptance of all.

I could go on and on, I really could.  Here is my quam.  Have a darned opinion.  Believe in something, even if it’s not what I believe in.  And if we are both passionate about it then may the best man or woman win/debate/convince.  Don’t take away my freedom to say you are wrong and I won’t take away your freedom to disagree.  I mean, am I crazy?  Has everyone resorted to just existing and having nothing to say anymore?  How boring.

P.S. I am not Mormon I just play one on TV.


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