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Give The People What They Want

November 18, 2008

Apparently my readership doesn’t appreciate deep pontification about political and religious matters. Apparently they, meaning YOU, much prefer my rants about football, the dog, and my wonderful husband. So I say give the people what they want.
The dog has developed a high level of intelligence and if I believed in evolution, in the traditional sense, I would swear that he has evolved to be ½ human or at least ½ toddler. Sunday Chad made some popcorn, ate it in his man room (after all it was Sunday, duh) and then threw the remaining pieces and kernels in the trash can in the kitchen. Mind you this is no measly trash can, not some cheapo Wal-Mart special. It’s the Super Human brand, stainless steel and requires that you step on the foot pedal to open it. The kind we had to register for to warrant spending $100 on a trash can. But the dog has long since proved that he is above the Super Human, he mocks the trash can, laughs in its face and regularly dives into its bowels (Too graphic? Maybe a little but so true.). Anyhow, back to yesterday. The dog sat quietly by as Chad grabbed one last Coke from the fridge and headed upstairs, post popcorn dumping. Being that this wasn’t Chad’s first rodeo he was a little suspicious of the dog’s mute-like behavior so he waited until he was upstairs (but still had the dog in his line of vision). The dog looked from side to side, crept up to the trash can and began to nudge the lid with his nose. Then. Defeat. “CHEWY!” “What? Me? Huh? Daddy, I was just smelling, nothing more I promise!” Yeah right. The dog was so busted.
P.S. The whole reason we registered for that particular trash can was because of the dog’s affinity for trash diving. We foolishly thought the flip top lid would prevent us from finding an empty Lean Cuisine plate under the couch (I heart you Lean Cuisine). But to no avail.

The Husband

Here is a quick list of 5 reasons I hate (but love) my husband:

1.       He eats dessert at least once a day.  And I don’t mean a sweet tart or two, I am talking ice cream and cake.

2.       After # 1 he looks exactly the same and never has “fat” days.

3.       He can sit for an entire day and do nothing but watch his favorite shows (football).  Something I wish I had enough focus to do.

4.       He’s very convincing, just listening to him work from home selling home loans makes me want to refinance (he had to remind me that we just moved in).

5.       He puts up with me and all the crazy I bring.

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  1. Kelli permalink
    November 19, 2008 2:33 am

    Hello!!! Where is todays blog about The Hills last night? I laid in bed awake last night wondering if next week LC and Audrina will forever be frenemies. I need your thoughts for comfort!

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