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November 23, 2008

As I am sure you have noticed (since you visit every day sometimes twice a day) I have not written anything in over a week.  To say that work has been busy would be like saying that this election year has been a little controversial.  For those of you immune to analogies that means things have been CRAZY NUTS.  So while I have written a hundred blogs in my head over the last few days none of them have made it to the WWW. 

This Friday we received a super great surprise!  Gigi won tickets to the Maverick’s game, 4th row back from the floor so she invited Chad and I…oh yeah, and Eric her husband too.  For two years I have been lusting after Mav tickets but much to my dismay apparently when teams are doing really well tickets are out of this world expensive.  Now I must admit that part of my reason for wanting to go to a game is the unbelievable people watching.  Ok, that was a lie.  Almost all of the reason is the people watching and the overall experience.  But Chad actually wanted to watch the game.    And I would have too if it hadn’t been going on at the same time as the people watching.  Some of my favorite finds were:

1.       Of course the Maverick regular who sits courtside and wears a net on his head along with some crazy jumpsuit.  And I mean net, as in basketball net, not hair net.   Rich people, they can be as eccentric as they want I suppose.

2.      The totally unique Dallas blonde donning her Burberry scarf, one of many I am sure (Dallas blondes and Burberry scarves).

3.      The obnoxious fan in the souvenir shop who bought a hat she may or may not ever wear. Oh wait, that was me, and I might wear it, plus it was on sale.  And I wouldn’t have bought the hat if the dog jersey hadn’t been $30.  Excuse me $30 for tiny jersey that my dog will wear once or twice and hate every minute of?  I think not, “hat it is!”

But Gigi and I did spot something we decided we both need: Burberry tights.  Like actual tights with the infamous Burberry plaid.  But after a quick search on the web I have not been able to find them anywhere, boooo.  I did, however, realize that there are really only two items in the whole Burberry line that I can even think about affording – a headband and earmuffs.  And at $85 and $150 I would need to wear them every day and I think after a while my friends might start being “busy” if they thought an afternoon at the pool would involve my Burberry earmuffs.  So what do you think:


Yeah that’s kind of what I thought, maybe not the best investment in Dallas, TX but maybe if I lived in New York.  And maybe I would pay $195 for the umbrella if I lived in Seattle or LaLa Land, either one.

Well, that’s all I can muster up for today, I have lots to do.  Yesterday I threw up all of my Christmas decorations.  And when I say “threw up” you know what I meant, however, if we had been having a conversation and YOU had said it to me I would have made the finger gagging motion (play on words, I get some of my best material that way). 

P.S. Who decided to put Thanksgiving and Christmas right next to one another?  I mean, I am pretty sure that it has already come out that Jesus wasn’t actually born on December 25th and the Pilgrims and Indians thing we could totally celebrate that say in April or even March.  It’s just that everything is so crammed together and all the stress seems to suck the spirit of each holiday right out, at least right out of me.  I am already pooped.

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  1. Gigi permalink
    November 25, 2008 1:44 pm

    Bummer, that you can’t find the tights! They were hawt and you could totally pull them off,me not so much.

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