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Shame On Me

November 24, 2008


Not only was I born and raised in Texas but my entire mother’s side of the family is from the deep south.  And I mean deep.  So my grandmother has a saying that she uses in various situations where she likes to say, “shame on ___” and it can be “you” or “him” or “her” or “them.”  And I think it’s appropriate for ME right now, so shame on ME.  Why?  Because I LOVE TRUE BLOOD and it’s a pretty, um, well, not quite channel Eight 6:00 PM show.  It’s so amazing and crazy and unique and suspenseful that I can’t get enough of it.  But as of tonight I am going to have to because the season is over, I think I have to wait until Summer of 2009 for another season and quite frankly that is not soon enough because I want more NOW.  Like a fat kid and Twinkies I need it!


You go girl Bill is hot, Vampire or not, half the men in bars are blood suckers anyway so what’s the difference!

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