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November 26, 2008

While I should probably be writing some blog about how thankful I am and how this time of year always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, I’m not.  I mean, I am thankful I am just not going to write about it but I definitely don’t feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  The only thing fuzzy right now are my legs because I have been so incredibly busy that even shower time is rush, rush, rush…sorry Chad, but at least I’m not sporting any shorts right about now (or ever, I hate wearing shorts, they are uncomfortable, and when I sit down my whole upper thigh just sort of smushes in the most unflattering way. I am sure some squats, lunges or going to the gym at all would probably remedy that but that’s totally beside the point).

So where was I….oh yeah, I am so busy that I have even completely veered off of my very strict eating schedule.  Normal day:

7:30 AM coffee and oatmeal

10:30 AM wonder why it isn’t 11:00 yet and wonder if anyone would make snide remarks if I popped in my Lean Cuisine a little early (which they would and have)

11:00 AM eat lunch

12:00 PM review my lunch choice and decide whether a reward of candy is in order or not (which it usually is)

3:30 PM usually eat another handful of candy such as gummies or hot tamales and decide that they do not count in my grand caloric total of the day, since I hear junk food is empty calories and to me empty means zero, nada, nothing.

5:00 PM arrive home and quickly change so I can prepare my dinner, unless of course I am cooking for Chad who usually informs me that he had a late lunch of Wing Stop or Wendys and would rather not eat until later.  This usually causes me to panic and wonder how I can wait any longer so to ease my fears I decide a nice glass of wine is in order.

7:00 PM after dinner more calorie free candy to end my day!

But lately, as I said, things have not been so leisurely:

6:30 AM eat almonds in the car on the way to work because I know that eating once I get to work is out of the question so in order to avoid starvation, fainting or certain grumpiness I keep a can of nuts in my car now (while this may seem like a great opportunity for a dirty remark, it actually isn’t)

1:00 PM wonder how it got so late and quickly prepare either a Lean Cuisine or run to the deli to grab something

3:00 PM out of pure desperation grab any and all candy in sight and repeat to myself that it’s better than nothing

7:00 PM apologize to the cleaning crew for being in their way while I down tick tacks and chew gum to tide me over

8:00 PM consider skipping dinner altogether but decide that a bowl of cereal would be a better choice

So you can only imagine that poor Chad has been living with a grumpy zombie lately.  The worst part is I get so amped up at work because there is so much to do that I can’t wind down so around midnight (normal bedtime is 9:30) Chad actually forces me to go to bed.  Aren’t I too old to be told when to go to bed?  At any rate he is right.  12:00 AM is way too late to go to bed when you get up at 5:20 AM, and you AREN’T 19 anymore, in college and can just sleep through work.  I am looking forward to 2009 even though I will be turning 30.  Only like 11 more months until I leave my 20’s behind me.

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