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Dreams and Popcorn

November 29, 2008

I just had a brilliant idea.  Since we are about to enter a 4 year term of someone really concerned about the people, and change and hope and what not I think now would be a great time to implement my brilliant idea (one of many might I add).  I think the government should grant a one-time sum of money to any and all people who want to pursue a dream but can’t because they are too busy working to support their livelihood.  Once the money is granted that person has X amount of time to pursue their dream.  After X amount of time they then have X more amount of time to pay the government back using the income that they now have from pursuing their dream.  It may sound like a college grant or something but it’s not because not everyone needs to go to college to pursue their dream, and some have already been there and done that and still aren’t living their dream (this is in theory of course, I know not by experience).

What do you think?  I know, I can already hear you doubters (my fellow Republicans) but it would be nice, you know, in LALA Land where we would all accept the challenge gratefully and fulfill our dreams and pay the government  back.  I only bring this up because I find it quite difficult to pursue Katherine’s Dream while living the American Dream.  The American Dream involves so much work time, like 8 hours or more a day, and since it also includes a house there goes my weekend time because it’s spent keeping up the lawn (well, not me personally but Chad, although not lately), the housework and regular maintenance. 

On a totally separate and less deep note we saw Four Christmases this week and it was SO FUNNY.  We, meaning Chad and I (that’s what you say once you get married and become one of THOSE annoying couples who have the same opinion about everything like you have morphed into one single person, even though we actually haven’t reach that point yet), love Vince Vaughn and I love Reese Witherspoon because she is admittedly a type A personality.  Anyhow, we laughed from beginning to end and it didn’t even matter that the plot was only “so so” because the dialog and writing were so funny I hardly noticed all the cliché moments.  I highly recommend this film to anyone needing a good laugh during this stressful time of year.



P.S. This was our first trip to our new local movie theater, which is an AMC (verses the Cinemark near our old house).  I must say the accommodations were fine, the seating, the employees, the distance from our home but one thing was definitely off (a very important thing).  The popcorn topping was just not right – sort of like that one kid in your elementary class who wasn’t clinically special but something just wasn’t right about them and you couldn’t put your finger on it – probably because it wasn’t butter it was more like “schmutter” or something.  It didn’t even pretend to be butter it just said “topping.”  Topping?  Really?  Is that a real ingredient or spice?  Could I walk into Tom Thumb today and ask to be pointed to the aisle with topping?  I think not, and it was totally unacceptable.  However, this did not prevent me from eating most of it.

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