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When it rains it pours – or floods your garage

December 2, 2008

When it rains it pours – or floods your garage.


So as you may have gathered work is and will be insane for at least two more weeks.  Today I spent 10 hours at work, then I went to the grocery store.  My spirits were momentarily lifted from my beatdownness (real word) when I was able to purchase a frying pan/pot with my Tom Thumb “points” to give to charity.  But I was quickly brought back down to earth when I returned home to a broken and persistently leaking water heater.  No hot water?  Flood in the garage?  Up all night worrying about the house filling with water?  Um, not my ideal way to wind down from a tough day.  The cherry on top will be tomorrow morning when I get do wash my face with cold bottled water at 5:30 AM, and wipe down my pits, cover myself in perfume and just hope nobody notices.  Not to mention the greasy hair.  That’s hawt.  Oh and of course it would finally be actually cold outside, yeah, it has been about 70 for weeks but now that Katherine is deprived of a hot shower we are going to make it about 40.  Thanks.  Great.  Awesome.  Life is just GRAND…..or it will be if we don’t stop having to call the home warranty company at $60 a pop.  First it was the pool heater, then the electric outlets in the bathroom and now our water heater.  It has only been 2 months, what’s next.  Wait, don’t answer that.


This is me right now – only I have blonde hair (sort of) and I would never drown my frustation in wine (without a glass, how uncouth).

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  1. December 2, 2008 5:10 pm

    Home warranty companies are evil.

    Sorry about the flooding 😦 You can come stay with me!

    And what’s going on at work???

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