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Life is Short – Eat the Red Ones First

December 6, 2008

Chad and I have what I think will be an eternal battle.  I only eat certain colors of candy while he is a bit more accepting and enjoys all of the colors.  My favorite color, by far, of any and all candy is red.  While I know red is not a flavor it is usually synonymous with cherry or at least watermelon or strawberry.  He seems to get quite perturbed when he returns to a stash of Swedish Fish or jelly beans and realizes that all that awaits him are oranges and yellows (definitely the red headed stepchildren of candy, in my opinion anyway).  But I make no apologies for my candy eating habits.  Quite frankly life is short – so why not eat the red ones first.  And then the purple or greens (depending on the type of candy).  For the record, pink is a derivative of red and sometimes takes the number one spot in a certain category of candy, for instance there are no red Sweet Tarts because they are all pastels which makes pink my #1 favorite color/flavor of Sweet Tarts.  Are you tracking me?

I just thought it important to share these deep thoughts with someone and since I know Chad will merely give me the stink eye I figured this was my only outlet.  Plus when it comes to hot topics – global warming, the new presidency, terrorism, Barbara Walters’ ageless 79 year old face – I hardly see it appropriate to bring up my candy color ranking system.  But I do think it’s a good metaphor for life.  Why should I waste any time, effort or stomach space consuming candy that I don’t like when I have the option of only eating the ones I LOVE.  Stick with me here – so why do we (as a society) waste so much of our lives doing things that we think we are supposed to do just to make others happy?  And don’t take my complicated scenario to the extreme, I am not talking about normal stuff like showering, paying bills, educating your children I am only referring to the things we do that make us unhappy but we continue because we worry about what the world, our spouses, our parents, friends, etc. might think if we make a change. 


I say if you don’t like your job get a different one.  If you don’t like winter 2008’s trend of leggings then don’t wear them (although I can’t understand why, they are expandable pants Heaven if you ask me).  If you don’t like your major at school switch it (although I would recommend you stay away from Sociology or you might end up at 29 spilling your guts on some blog).  You get my drift.  Life it too short to spend it eating all the candy that everyone thinks you should eat, pick what you like and don’t feel guilty for not eating the yellow and oranges of the world!


P.S. My analogy may not make sense to anyone else but me, and that’s ok because as I type I am enjoying a delicious bag of only red and green jelly beans that I hand selected from the glorious Jelly Belly bar at Target.  It’s the only bar in town where sleezy men don’t hit on you and nobody throws up on your shoes…although it is right next to the pharmacy so I’m not saying it can’t happen but it probably won’t.

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  1. Erica permalink
    December 10, 2008 4:27 pm

    I do the exact same thing with gummi bears, laffy taffy, now and laters…everything! I pawn off the yellows and oranges to people at work and house guests.

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