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Like Wii Were Saying

December 6, 2008

Last night Chad and I took some “fun money” (which is money neither earned nor expected, just a pleasant bonus) and bought ourselves a Wii!  We were going to wait until Christmas but at the rate those things fly off the shelves we figured we should go ahead, besides we aren’t eight and it’s not like we needed to wait until Christmas morning to unwrap a gift we bought for ourselves.  So, last night we broke in bowling.  It’s one of my favorites because it’s just like real bowling, which I love.  And even better, we didn’t have to rent any disgusting shoes, endure obnoxious people, or stick our fingers in holes that have seen at least 50 other fingers in just that one day.


Something that you may not know about me – I am insanely competitive, to a fault.  Like I pout if I don’t win and threaten to give up if I am too far behind.  While I am allowed to celebrate with cheers, claps, jumps up and down and various other loud and boisterous forms of “in your face” moves, you ARE NOT.  Seems fair to me.  So poor Chad even when he wins he loses. 


Last night was fine, even though he did win we just played one round and then tried to watch a movie, which I did not make it through – it turns out that 14 hour days take their toll and my body began to shut down at about 10:30.  Anyway, this morning (Ok, it was afternoon) when Chad wiped the sleep from his eyes and the fuzz from his teeth he hurried downstairs and stood longingly in front of the TV (where I was watching What Not To Wear).  Without a word I said, “You wanna play Wii?”  His smile and child like coos were enough to signal to me that yes he did want to. 


We played two rounds of bowling which I sadly lost.  I resisted even trying tennis because I had played once before and it was quite the embarrassment.  So after losing in bowling the last thing I wanted was to shame myself even more.  But Chad prevailed and we began.  The irony is that I played tennis in high school and was pretty good but I lacked any confidence that my Wii skills would be equal to my real life skills from 10 years ago. 


Once we got going I actually began to win, wahhooo!!!  But while Chad’s style was standing in one place simply maneuvering the controller (which is I think the way you are supposed to do it) I was all over the rug as if I were really on the court.  I was swinging like I really had a 4 pound racket in my hand instead of a .5 pound numb chuck (which is the controller for those of you not versed in your Wii speak).  I was moving across the rug as if it were really the length of the court and I was……busting my ass on the wood floor with my slippery socks on?  Yep, I went in to really lay the smack down and DOWN I went right there in front of the Christmas tree.  I laid there silently laughing so hard that I couldn’t speak and Chad, well, he tried to sputter out, “Are you ok?” in the midst of his laughter.  Mind you my spill took place immediately following his warning that I was just too high strung and that I needed to calm down.  Whatever, shows what he knows.  Every real champion is serious about their craft and how do I expect to win Wii Wimbledon if I don’t put everything I have into my moves.


Anyhow, while I was able to recover from my first injury the second one put me out of the game for the day (or at least the afternoon).  Yeah, I backed up too far and hit my ankle bone on the bottom part of the couch (which is wood and not cushy fluff).  Chad sent me packing upstairs until I could get my killer moves under control.


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  1. December 9, 2008 3:54 pm

    Haha- yeah, you’re supposed to stand in place during tennis!! Now we need to have a Wii tournament… and you definitely need to get Wii Fit. I’m obsessed with the step aerobics (total Grandma workout, but still fun).

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