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I Made It!

December 16, 2008

Well, if there is anyone still reading my very sad blog these days this will be my first entry in a while. And I certainly have not been consistent, so I apologize – or who knows, maybe you needed a nice little break from my sarcasm, amazing wit and dog stories (I seriously doubt it though). I won’t really recap the last few weeks except to say that Chad has been a single parent to Chewy, and I drove myself to some sort of sinus infection induced by stress, the weather, and flat out fatigue. Things have been so busy that, GASP, my roots must be two inches long by now (I dare not even look in the light anymore). But thank goodness that will be remedied this Thursday (I heart you Karen). Yes, I have completely let myself go – I won’t even mention my legs, but I will say that I could use a good manicure, perhaps a massage, and definitely a good foot scrub.

Anyway, enough about me (is that really even possible?), Christmas is coming! In all my hurry I have had time to do a little on-line shopping here and a little errand running there – thank goodness. My sister is staying with us this year so it has made preparations a little more fun, almost like having a little one in the house. I decorated the tree before Thanksgiving (and it’s a good thing too otherwise it would not have been done) but we have a little added bonus this year to the season’s décor – Chad put up Christmas lights for the first time ever. And bless his little heart if they are the cutest little lights on the street. I mean granted the red ones are actually purple and the ones that line the sidewalk hang a little to the left but imperfections be darned – he gave it his best and that’s all that matters!


Real quick before I go I must mention the Hills episode last night. I need to point out three things:


  1. If you have to get her drunk before you ask then getting married probably isn’t a good idea.


  3. You CAN’T just get married in Mexico in a night you have to:


    1. Wait 2-3 days, a legal waiting period


    3. Have a certified copy of your birth certificate


    5. Take a blood test



  5. How is it that you get married at night, wake up the next morning and watch your wedding video that appears to be IN THE DAY TIME?? Hmmm, so odd. They must have amazing lighting in Mexico.

That’s all I can say about this week’s episode. Oh, and Whitney continues to amaze me with her eclectic ensembles – if she weren’t on this show and extremely gorgeous I think she might look like a homeless person from 1985. But since she has achieved semi celebrity status and happens to look like a model we all let it slide that she wears one piece short suits with flower prints and long old man vests. If only we were all so lucky or so bold.

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  1. December 16, 2008 4:16 pm

    Yea!!! You’re back! You need a break, girl. Are you taking much time off at Christmas?

  2. Cindy permalink
    December 19, 2008 1:55 am

    Mrs. Bunkin – you ROCK! The company would have never gotten moved without you at the helm. Through sickness and in health, you were there. Now it’s time (almost) to kick back and enjoy Elizabeth and movies and movies and Elizabeth. Ahh….can’t you just taste the relaxation? Ahh…sweet!

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